How to sync text to media

This guide will walk you through the process of automatically synchronizing your prepared transcript with media and obtaining captions or subtitles as the final result using the Syncwords web app.

You’ll learn how to upload your media with transcripts, pair them, and run the Sync project.

To slow down the video at any point, find the three-dot menu in the lower-right corner, select “playback speed” and choose your desired speed.

Open your SyncWords projects dashboard and click the “New Project” button.

Select the source language of your media.

Give your project a name.

Now, let’s upload your media.

Choose select if you want to upload files from your device or drag them into the upload window. You can also import content via direct link or connect your Dropbox or Box.

You can upload as many files as you want.

Currently, the maximum file size supported by the system is 5GB.

The list of supported media formats can be found in the description under this tutorial.

You can wait for the media to finish uploading, or you can proceed immediately to the next step while it’s in progress.

Click the button “Continue” in the lower-right corner.

In the next step, you can see multiple transcription options, such as automated speech recognition, human transcription, and upload transcript options. To sync the transcript to media select “Upload Transcript option”.

Below, you can see the media files you’ve imported previously. Now, upload the transcript in relation to each media file. The supported formats are shown above. Please make sure your transcript follows our guidelines. You can find them in the description under this tutorial.

On the right side, you can also find the summary of your order, where the cost of service is exposed for each media file.

When you’re done uploading transcripts, it’s time to Continue.

The following step is for translations and foreign subtitles. If you wish to translate your content and get foreign subtitles, you can configure translations by selecting preferred languages. The subtitle files are going to be generated after the sync is done. you can also skip this step for now and generate translations afterward.Let’s skip this step, as we only need to sync text to media and generate captions in the same language.

The final step is the checkout.

There are 2 payment options. You can pay with your card or use your Syncwords balance. To use the Syncwords balance, you'll need to top it up in the billing section or contact our support to get a debit balance, which you can cover at the end of every billing cycle. Debiting is only available for enterprise accounts.

Once the payment is chosen, you can press “Confirm Order,” and your projects will be submitted for sync. Once the work is done, you’ll get an email notification and be able to review and edit your captions in the project dashboard.

In this guide, we’ve covered the steps to sync your text to media using SyncWords automation.

Thank you for watching.

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