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SyncWords automates captioning with precision when you provide media and a transcript. Your captions are ready in minutes and available in a dozen common formats. SyncWords creates premium quality transcripts too, in case you don't have one.

Audio or Video File plus Transcript File plus SyncWords equals High Quality Captions.

SyncWords adds accessibility, searchability, clarity, and SEO optimization to your video or audio while delivering outstanding quality and value, with tools that are easy to use, and give you full control where you want it. Create an Account Today »

Automated Captions

Upload your media and transcript and SyncWords does the rest – recognizing speaker labels, timing each word, crafting readable caption segments, and generating caption files. SyncWords will even send the output files directly to your inbox.

Quality Human Transcription

Our transcripts are carefully drafted by human transcribers, following established style guidelines for transcription and captioning. We never rely on speech recognition to generate transcripts.

Captions in minutes. Transcripts in 3-4 business days, or 2 business days if you're in a rush.

Tools for Maximum Control and Easy Edits

Automated doesn't mean you lose control, SyncWords lets you manage your own projects with powerful tools. Make text and timing edits with ease.

Customize your captions for line length and styling, shift timecodes, and modify or remove speaker labels. These are just a few of the capabilities SyncWords gives you.

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Organized and Archived

The SyncWords dashboard provides status updates at a glance with search and sort features. We archive all your caption projects so you can always go back to retrieve files or make an edit.

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