Live Captions,
Subtitles, and AI Dubbing

on Event Platforms, to Social Media, in Player, in Stream, in Real-time, in 100+ Languages

Power your virtual & hybrid events, live streams, and on-demand videos with captions, subtitles, and dubs using industry-leading AI, cloud-based tools, and professional services.

SyncWords Translation Services
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Live AI Dubbing for Events & Streams

Reach wider audiences by providing live AI voice translations on a budget.
SyncWords AI Live Dubbing and subtitles  for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events, live streaming, live broadcasting, OTT
Extended language support: over 50 source & 100 target languages
Instant hassle-free language scalability
Ideal for virtual, hybrid & in-person events and meetings, live streams
Multiple delivery options: in-player, in-platform widget/iframe, stand-alone page, custom QR code, API integrations
Flexible dubbing workflows: fully AI or CART- and AI-combined translation service
Seamless integration into existing AWS Elemental MediaLive workflows/channels

Live Captioning and Translation for Meetings & Events

Easily schedule and deliver captions & subtitles in real-time to make your live and hybrid meetings and events accessible

Use for work:meetings, calls, conferences
Use for education:lectures, webinars
Translate your captions live to100+ languages
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Live CAPTIONS & Translations with Boosted Accuracy

Leverage human and AI capabilities for enhanced accuracy of captioning and translation

Professional-grade broadcast captioners to provide accessibility to virtual, hybrid, and in-person events
CART-delivery: often requested by governmental and educational institutions, OTT, broadcast
Start in English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese
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Automatic Live Captions & Subtitles in 50+ languages

Power your event with automated captions in a cost-effective way with no prior arrangements

Support for 50+ source languages in real time: you are no longer limited to just English
Enhanced accuracy: SyncWords proprietary AI combined with custom ASR Dictionaries
Do it yourself, or use our dedicated expert technicians
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SyncWords for Broadcast and OTT
With proprietary

Live Subtitling and Dubbing for OTT & Broadcast

Deliver your programs globally with AI dubs & foreign subtitles in 100+ languages in real time.

Grow subscriptions and increase ad revenues
Reach new audiences and markets
Fully cloud-based, no hardware or stream transcoding required
Compatible with HLS players
Perfect for OTT & delivery to social media
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Captioning and Translation

Easily generate captions and translate pre-recorded media using SyncWords’ powerful automation and cutting edge tools

Pre-recorded video: captioning and translation
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Then $0.50 per minute
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Captions for Pre-recorded Media

Advanced automation and tools to create professional captions. No need for expensive desktop software. No subscription required.

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Foreign Subtitles for Pre-recorded Media

Translate captions from 11 languages & create subtitles in 100+ languages. Get instant results using SyncWords’ advanced media localization AI.

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Transcription for Pre-Recorded Media

Maximize productivity using our speech recognition AI and tools or use our premium human transcription services.

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Trusted by Thousands

Our experts are trusted by major live event platforms, broadcast networks, caption and translation service providers, as well as education and corporate clients.

15 Million
Minutes captioned and subtitled in VOD last year
Enhanced scalability & performance that can tackle projects of any size.
Minutes of ASR processed last year
Cost-effective way to increase accessibility level for media and events.
Minutes of events live captioned last year
Proven track record in quality captioning of live & hybrid events for differentsectors.
Users Registered with SyncWords
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Machine translation to target languages
Scalable media localization with AI and multiple machine translation integrations delivering subtitles to the rarest languages.
Support for source languages in real time
Caption virtual & hybrid events in real time, as well as on-demand videos in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Thai, and many other languages.
Compatibility with virtual event platforms
Use any platform of your choice to make your next virtual, hybrid, in-person or simu-live event accessible and inclusive for all audiences.

We enhance the user experience of captioning and translation with cutting-edge automation powered by artificial intelligence.

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Time Stamping

Precise word-level synchronization & timing driven by our proprietary AI. Industry leading accuracy.
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Automated Timing

Captions and subtitles optimized for readability & quality standards for excellent user experience.
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Automated Speech Recognition

Best of breed speech recognition creates transcripts automatically to save time.
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Leverage our RESTful API to add SyncWords to your existing automation workflow.
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Awesome Support 24/7

Dedicated Expert Technians for each event
Availability across various time zones
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Boosted Accuracy

Custom ASR Dictionaries
Custom Translation Glossaries

Effective Captioning & Translation Solutions for Different Industries

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Customers Reviews

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"SyncWords has transformed our workflow and likely has shifted our workflow more than anything else in the last 12 years."

"Many thanks... for thinking outside of the box tosolve my closed captioning need... to provideclosed captioning for 47 breakout sessions, twokeynotes and a CIO Panel. SyncWords partneredwith us, worked to understand the conferenceplatform technology, and provided their innovativesolution for automatic captioning."

Leslie W. Lenser
Executive Director, Program and Project Management
Texas M&A University