Professional or Automatic Accurate Transcription

Use the most advanced AI to generate automatic transcripts or opt for professional services to ensure increased accuracy of your captions, translated foreign subtitles, and voice dubbing for pre-recorded media.
professional and automatic accurate transcription with SyncWords

Key Benefits

Extended List of Languages Supported
Near Instant Delivery of Automatic Transcription:
Enhanced accuracy with customizable ASR Dictionaries
Same & Next Day Turnaround for Professional Transcription:
Outstanding Accuracy, Professional Workforce
Ironclad Security
Available via API & Web App

Effective Automatic ASR-powered Transcription Services

SyncWords’ automated speech recognition engine combined with state-of-the-art proprietary AI does the heavy lifting.
All you need to do is:

Upload Media

Upload your file and let SyncWord's AI transcribe your file in minutes. Custom dictionary features available.

Accurate professional and automatic transcription with SyncWords
Review & Edit Transcript

Use our web-based SyncEditor to easily review and make any corrections.

SyncWords Caption Editor for effective and accurate transcription, captioning, subtitling, dubbing

Export your finished transcript in a variety of text and caption outputs.

SyncWords’ Professional Transcription Services

Leverage 99% accurate transcripts to significantly increase the accuracy of automated translations to foreign subtitles, and AI-generated voice dubbing.

Get transcripts back when you need them
From our standard 3-5 business days to Same Day delivery
Five Days
Standard Delivery
Two Days
Fast Delivery
Next Day
Urgent Delivery
Same Day
Fastest Delivery

Effective Editing of Pre-recorded Content with SyncWords’ proprietary tools

Sync Editor

Sync Editor is the ideal tool for rapid review and clean up of ASR transcripts. It provides an interactive editing interface for synchronized transcripts built to meet the needs of media, journalism, legal, corporate and more.

SyncWords for Apple, Microsoft, Google, AWS
SyncWords caption editor for pre-recorded video, on-demand captions, subtitles, translations
SyncWords accurate professional and automatic transcription with text and timing editor

Edit Text & Timings

The SyncEditor puts you in full control of your transcript allowing you to make text and timing edits to your document and cues.

SyncWords accurate transcription with sound cues

Sound Cues

Identify non-speech audio as sound cues and optionally edit their start and end times.

SyncWords accurate professional and automatic transcription with speaker labels

Speaker Labels

SyncWords automatically identifies speaker labels using various conventions. Manage and assign labels efficiently in the SyncEditor.

Automation & Efficiency

We use advanced AI technologies to transcribe your media.

SyncWords accurate transcription with ASR dictionaries

ASR Dictionaries

Help the ASR engine accurately match the spelling of names, proper nouns and special terminology.

SyncWords accurate transcription with ASR

ASR Engines

Use our default engine or choose from other popular best-of-breed ASR engines.

SyncWords accurate transcription with automatic retiming

Automatic Retiming

SyncWords keeps everything in sync at the word level, in the background, while you make edits.

Built for Increased Security

SyncWords designed its Professional Transcription Services with a powerful security at its core. All transcription work is handled in highly secure HIPAA and FERPA-compliant facilities, based in the US by the workforce that has gone through specialized trainings. Your pre-recorded media is never distributed to any contractors, working from home, crowd-sourced platforms, offshore facilities, or vulnerable networks. This means that your video on demand is always in safe and reliable hands.

Human Resources

Security includes criminal background checks, SSN verification, and security awareness training for all transcribers.

Access control

Remote access into system is highly restricted and requires multifactor authentication. No wireless devices or removeable storage devices allowed in the facilities.

Transcripts in Any Format

Once transcription process is complete, SyncWords uses its state-of-the-art automation to quickly convert your transcript into a variety of outputs.


Create timed text transcripts with timestamps at customizable intervals or segmented transcripts at speaker labels and paragraph breaks.

Timed Transcript
Segmented Transcript
Text Transcript
Accurate transcription for on-demand captions and subtitles with SyncWords

Captions and Subtitles

Generate any number of caption or subtitle files without any additional work. You give us your media and let SyncWords take care of the rest.

and many more

Submit big amount of media via API

Use our robust API to easily submit large amounts of media to SyncWords for human transcription and automated captioning. We can work with your workflow orchestration system to make submission and delivery a simple automated task.

SyncWords API: workflow integration for accurate transcription
Simply integrates in your current workflow
SyncWords API: security for accurate transcription
Secure and tested
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Accurate transcription for pre-recorded media with SyncWords API

Handling large volumes and want a custom-based offering for your organization?

SyncWords’ Enterprise Solutions for Transcription, Captioning, Subtitling, and Dubbing

Get company-wide access to the best-in-the-breed translation engines, state-of-the-art alignment, human/ CART and ASR-powered live captioning and translation, bulk pricing, and dedicated account manager.