Tools for Captioning Your Meetings

Are you one of the millions of people conducting your online meetings? Do you need to provide that meeting, webinar or conference with accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing?

Caption your next online meetings SyncWords Live

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SyncWords Live Makes it Easy to Caption your Online Meetings

SyncWords Live is helping organizations worldwide adjust to the new normal of online meetings and working from home. As businesses, educational institutions, and houses of worship move towards webinars, remote meetings, distance learning, and other streaming services, organizations are looking for solutions to include all participants.

SyncWords Live helps organizations do that by providing a platform to deliver real-time captions to online meeting and streaming services making adding captions to your webinar a breeze. While SyncWords Live can be used as a primary tool to help deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, meeting Section 508 compliance, accessibility is for everyone and several studies have shown that captions provide clarity, boost comprehension and retention among all participants.

Caption Your Online Meeting

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That’s it! You now have live captions for your online meeting.

View Captions on Any Device

Send your live captions to your online meeting via SyncWords Live and let your attendees view them via desktop, tablet or mobile devices.
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Why Use SyncWords Live for Your Online Meetings?

Flexible Delivery

Send live captions via integrations, embeddable widget, standalone page for browsers and mobile devices.

Feature Friendly

Easy online scheduling. Automatic archive of transcript and caption files. Custom branding. Realtime analytics. Robust API.

High Quality Captions

Created by highly trained captioning professionals.


Advanced security measures protect your confidential meetings and data.


Automatically translate your meeting into one or more of 60 languages.


Serve thousands of concurrent users with low latency.


Compliant with WCAG 2.0, Section 508, and ADA.

User Experience

UX optimized with customizable controls.

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