Professional Human Captions in English, Spanish, French & more

Don’t want to use AI captioning? Bring professional human captioners on board. Meet mandated regulations while making any live event or stream accessible to all audiences with real-time captions. Compatible with standard human captioning/CART systems.

Automatic Live Captions and Translations for virtual and hybrid events
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Works with 100+
virtual event platforMS
Support for HLS, RTMP(S) & SRT
live streaming protocols
multiple delivery options:
widget, Url & embeddable player
Virtual events
Hybrid events
In-person events

Use SyncWords managed services to provide effective accessibility and meet mandated regulations during your virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Book human captioners with SyncWords or use your existing team to generate real-time captions.

Several languages to choose from: experienced broadcast-level captioners in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese
Fits into existing human captioning workflow: send a copy of your broadcast captions to SyncWords for online delivery
Automatic encoding of the incoming captioning feed into VTT, CEA-608 and more
Support for major streaming protocols: HLS, RTMP(S) and SRT
Compatible with standard human captioning software and CART systems
Cloud-based caption encoder that works the same as hardware encoders.
Service flexibility: use SyncWords’ captioners or bring your own captioner
Descriptive content: trained human captioners can capture nuances of actions & sounds, such as screams, laughter, applause, or music.

Deliver Human Professional Captions Anywhere

Stream you event with human generated captions to your virtual, hybrid, or in-person audiences using one or more of SyncWords’ delivery methods.

Generate real-time human captions directly inside SyncWords’ easy-to-embed video player. Provides an enhanced viewing experience on desktop and mobile devices.

Intuitive navigation right in player
Pool of professional captioners in several languages - pre-scheduling is required. Subject to availability.
Easy language switching

Embedded Widget

SyncWords Live provides a customizable embedded HTML Widget for a user-friendly delivery of captions and translations on 100+ virtual event platforms.

SyncWords' human and ASR transcription, AI captioning, AI subtitling, and AI dubbing for VOD - main features
Easy language switching & navigation
SyncWords' human and ASR transcription, AI captioning, AI subtitling, and AI dubbing for VOD - main features
Adjustment to the platform's general look & feel

QR Code Access on Mobile

SyncWords' human and ASR transcription, AI captioning, AI subtitling, and AI dubbing for VOD - main features
Friendly UX
One point of access – Multiple languages, Easy language selection and switching
SyncWords' human and ASR transcription, AI captioning, AI subtitling, and AI dubbing for VOD - main features
Visual branding enhancement
Flexible color settings, logo use, pattern, frame, shape, etc.
SyncWords' human and ASR transcription, AI captioning, AI subtitling, and AI dubbing for VOD - main features
Basic and granular analytics
Number of scans, time, location, device, etc.
Automated Captions - QR codes
Custom QR Codes
Live translations with QR code
Live Translations with QR code
QR access to the
Library of languages
Automated live subtitles with QR code
Live Captions and Translations - QR code on mobile

Key Benefits

Integration with 100+ 
virtual event platforms
Major streaming protocols supported: HLS, RTMP(S), SRT
Speaker identification: easy detection of speaker changes
Noise filtering: detecting background sounds to ensure accurate live captioning
Inclusion of sound cues for actions & sounds
Content management to prevent random words appearing
Compatibility with standard captioning software & your existing workflow
Hassle-free: no hardware required

Looking for
Automated Live Captioning?

Leverage AI capabilities to automatically streamline the captioning process while providing accessibility to virtual, hybrid & in-person events, and live streams.

Managed Services

We handle it all for you, even on short notice

Different Event – Custom Approach.
Let our Team of dedicated experts handle everything for you from start to finish.
We take care of:
Booking human captioners in required languages
Creating your event in our system
Capturing and delivering the audio stream for captioning
Monitoring your live stream or event
Adjusting the caption delay if necessary
Furthermore, our technicians are there throughout your live event to answer any questions and address any concerns that may arise.

Customer Reviews

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Perhaps most impressive is the dedication and meticulousness displayed by every member of the team at SyncWords. For each one of my organization's events, the SyncWords team went above & beyond to ensure flawless execution of the translated captions, making their behind-the-scenes labor invisible to our audiences.

Adam Thorburn
Managing Director
Forum for Cultural Engagement

We have used them for both of our 2021 virtual conference events. Easy to communicate with, quick response time, and accurate live translations every time :) Fully integrated into our streaming platform. Best part as a non profit association, they are very economical.

Angela van Wingerden
Canadian Urban Transit Association