Next-generation Contextual Machine Translated Subtitles

Add high-quality foreign subtitles in 50+ languages using our state-of-art contextual machine translation rapidly and affordably. Make your pre-recorded media accessible while expanding audience reach and increasing engagement rate.
contextual machine translation - subtitles - with SyncWords

Key Benefits

Accurate Contextual machine translated subtitles with SyncWords
Dramatically increases quality of machine translation output
By using engines specifically trained on tens of millions of bilingual sentences that are based around dialog and discussion.
Contextual machine translation and subtitles with SyncWords
Keeps the whole media context in mind
Contextual AI machine translation and foreign subtitles with SyncWords
SyncWords Proprietary AI for optimal alignment of subtitles
SyncWords' contextual machine translations and subtitle - editing
Minimal post-translation editing required
Cost-effective contextual machine translation and subtitling with SyncWords
Fast and cost-effective

How It Works

Add your media
Contextual machine translation with SyncWords for on-demand video
Transcription FILE
SyncWords accurate contextual machine translations with professional and ASR transcription
SyncWords Proprietary AI
Foreign subtitles
SyncWords accurate foreign subtitles with contextual machine translation
Optional PRO Human QA

Improved Translation Quality with Human Transcription Services

Add captions and translations with AI automation and human QA services to boost accessibility and inclusivity of your media content

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Neural Contextual Machine Translation Engine

Increase the accuracy of your machine-translated subtitles to up to 95% with a contextual deep-learning approach.

Unlike segment-by-segment machine translation, SyncWords considers the whole document context when powering foreign subtitles for pre-recorded media. We are running a state-of- art natural language processing engine that provides up to 8x better output than any other available automated subtitling tool.

SyncWords logo - accurate contextual machine translations and foreign subtitles for pre-recorded media
SyncWords and DeepL: accuracy for contextual machine translation
Up to
higher accuracy

Enhanced Translation Accuracy

Add an extra layer of accuracy to your contextually machine translated subtitles by using:

Translation Glossaries

Achieve better accuracy for translated subtitles by creating custom translation glossaries. Set up a global translation glossary for all your media or generate media-specific glossaries as necessary.

Translation glossaries for on-demand captions, subtitles, translations for pre-recorded media with SyncWords
Optional hybrid translation service

PRO Human Quality Assurance

Have your file hand-checked by a native-speaking professional translator who will go over the contextual translation output and make corrections where necessary, ensuring the highest accuracy.

Create Subtitles
Translation Glossaries - accuracy for on-demand captions, subtitles, translations with SyncWords

Intelligent proprietary AI for segmentation, alignment and editing of subtitles

Key features:

AI segmentation of subtitles with SyncWords
SyncWords’ intelligent AI segmentation of subtitles.
Subtitles - timing, reading rate, segments with SyncWords
Custom subtitle properties: timing, reading rate, characters per line, lines per segment, and many more.
Subtitle editor with SyncWords: timing, styling, framerate, placement
UX-friendly subtitle editor: preview, side-by-side languages, edit timing and styling, placement, framerate, collaboration via commenting.
Contextual machine translation with accurate foreign subtitles - SyncWords caption editor

Other Features:

accurate foreign subtitles and contextual machine translation for pre-recorded media with SyncWords
Multiple output formats: SCC, SRT, SMI, STL, SBV, SUB, QT, VTT, AVID DS, DFXP, EBU-TT-D, SMPTE-TT, JSON, IMSC.
Accurate machine translations and foreign subtitles with SyncWords'  bulk uploads
Bulk uploads: save time and effort by uploading multiple media files at once.
SyncWords API for accurate machine translations and foreign subtitles for video-on-demand
API-ready solution: connect to SyncWords via API to place orders, and receive deliverables conveniently.
SyncWords neural machine translation with foreign subtitles in different formats
Multiple input formats: Direct URL, Dropbox, Box, S3, API.


Add captions and translations with AI automation and human QA services to boost accessibility & inclusivity of your media content
Security - data protection for on-demand captioning, subtitling and translations with SyncWords


SyncWords customers - FedEx icon

Easy to use and fast to learn. Awesome job folks.

SyncWords' contextual machine translation with accurate subtitles for FedEx
SyncWords customer - Lionbridge icon

Fast and efficient. Quality is impressive. SyncWords is the best there is on the market right now, period.

Lionbridge accurate contextual machine translations - subtitles with SyncWords
SyncWords testimonial- Philips icon

Easy to use. Fast results. Great quality.

SyncWords' accurate on-demand machine translations and foreign subtitles for Philips

Contextual Machine Translation with SyncWords


Other Types of Translations

g2 syncwords reviews for contextual machine translationTrustpilot syncwords reviews for contextual machine translation
Semantics &
Requires Human QA
of Segments
Human Translation
Contextual Machine
translation with SyncWords
Machine Translation
Below average
Low to below average
(can be enhanced with translation glossaries)
Below avarage
Highly nuanced translation
(all phrase context considered)
Improved nuanced translation
(extended phrase context considered)
Direct machine translation
(no phrase context considered)
2 to 5 days
(depends on the video length)
Few mins
(regardless of the video length)
Few mins
(regardless of the video length)
Sometimes needed
Optional, to maximize quality output
Extensive translation quality checking recommended
All manual
Proprietary state-of-art automatic sync, smart algorithms
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Poor side-by-side automatic segmentation
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Have large volumes of media to translate and provide foreign subtitles?

SyncWords - Live and on-demand automatic Captions, subtitles,  and translations for enterprise

Enterprise-ready Solutions for Live & On-demand Media

Get company-wide access to the best-in-the-breed translation engines, state-of-the-art alignment, human/ CART and ASR-powered live captioning and translation, bulk pricing, and dedicated account manager.
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How does billing work in SyncWords?

SyncWords is a pay-per-use service. We only charge when a project is submitted and there are no hidden fees! Charges are based on media duration, and pro-rated to the minute. We will summarize the costs for every project and ask for your confirmation before any charge is made. We accept all major credit cards.

How do Enterprise customers pay?

Enterprise customers are billed monthly, and can pay via credit card, or check. Payment is due in
30 days from invoice date. Special rates apply for bulk volume, pre-payment, 1+ year subscription.

How accurate is your machine translation?

Our proprietary AI technology synchronizes the media very accurately with the transcript generated by a trained professional transcriber or automatic speech recognition. Then, we produce accurately timed subtitles instantly converted to another language by a state-of-the-art machine translation engine that considers the context of the entire media file when translating, thus fine-tuning the final result. In parallel, the accuracy level can be enhanced using Translation Glossaries. Due to automated processes, we can deliver huge volumes of subtitles within the shortest timeframes. This process can be even faster and more cost-effective if you provide your own transcript or a source caption file.

What's the turnaround for subtitle delivery?

The turnaround is immediate – right after the transcript is ready. If you add your transcript, there is no need to run human transcription, which can take 1 to 5 business days (depending on turnaround selection).

Is there a minimum amount of media I need to submit?

No. You can caption any quantity of media in SyncWords without any minimum limits.

Do you offer discounts for bulk volume?

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk volume, pre-payment, and 1+ year subscription. Please, contact us to learn more.