Live captions & translated subtitles for events

Make your virtual events accessible and multi-lingual. Let SyncWords help you seamlessly integrate your live captions and real-time translations into any platform.

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High-quality captions

Highly trained and experienced broadcast quality captioners provide accurate captions and reliable service.

As-live caption playback

Playback your pre-recorded videos with perfectly timed captions to simulate a live experience.

Live translation

The most advanced real-time translation solution that leverages the accuracy of human captioning.

Professional services

Work with our team of experts to coordinate and plan for large scale events with complex requirements.

Golden live event support

SyncWords provides real-time support and event monitoring to ensure peace of mind during your event.

Platform Integrations

Easily incorporate your live captions and real-time translations into the most popular platforms.

live captions for events

The premiere live captioning solution for streaming live events and meetings.

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Providing live captions to leading event producers

We work with the leading event producers to incorporate live captions and translations seamlessly into their events.

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Jason Greenberg

Vice President, e2k

The SyncWords team are dependable, professional and exceptional in their field. They carve through complex projects with speed and precision. We rely on them for accurate transcription, captioning and machine translation, and their interface tools make it simple, speedy and affordable. Global events — live or virtual — need to be accessible, and our clients have come to expect as much. Our partnership with SyncWords makes that possible.

syncwords live captions clients

Trusted to power events by leading global companies

We have delivered accessibility and communication across borders for thousands of events for marquee customers.

Work with a team of experts with a 20 year track record of innovation & success

Deliver real time captions and translations with ease. Our experts will provide options and recommendations to get and you up and running quickly and efficiently.

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⏱ Expect to hear back from us right away, but no later than one business day.

Integrating live captions into any event platform

Our team excels at seamlessly integrating live captions into many different platforms. Let us show you how we can successfully integrate live captions and subtitles into your platform of choice.

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What languages do you support?
We can deliver translations in 100+ languages. We currently support English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German as input/source languages.
Can you live caption my pre-recorded videos?
Yes! We have participated in several hybrid events where prerecorded content is delivered as-live. We take your media and have it professionally transcribed and captioned before the event. During the event a professional captioner punches the content in as-live and your audience will never know the difference.
How accurate are your captions?
Human captions are far more accurate than automatically generated captions. The average accuracy exceeds 98% and often surpasses 99.3%. We use the same professionals used in the corporate and TV broadcast industry to deliver live captions to your event.
What is the latency of your live captions?
On average live captions are delivered 2-3 seconds after they are spoken. That being said the latency of live captions largely depends on the platform being used to stream the event. SyncWords Live has a feature that allows you to delay the delivery of live captions to make it match the latency in the stream delivering captions at the same time they are being spoken.
Can you caption my Zoom meeting?
Yes, Zoom is a very popular choice for live events. SyncWords Live has a seamless integration with Zoom via the 3rd Party Token allowing you to deliver your default or translated language to Zoom with a push of a button. SyncWords Live can also deliver captions to On24, Webex, and other meeting platforms.