Accurate Closed Captioning Powered by Industry-leading Proprietary AI

Provide your pre-recorded media with highly accurate and affordable captions using SyncWords’ AI technology. We help you meet local accessibility regulations whether you are in government, education, or corporate sectors.
professional and automatic accurate transcription with SyncWords

Caption Your Videos Automatically

Create high quality captions quickly and affordably using state-of-the-art AI in the cloud and make your pre-recorded media accessible to all.

SyncWords for pre-recorded video, VOD
Upload media
VOD captioning and translation with SyncWords: stages
SyncWords - transcription for pre-recorded video
Add or generate a transcript
Accurate transcription for pre-recorded video with SyncWords
Proprietary Smart Sync Technology
Smart segmentation of text and accurate positioning of captions with almost perfect timing
Accurate captioning for pre-recorded media with SyncWords
SyncWords - captions for pre-recorded video
Review & Edit
VOD captioning and translation with SyncWords: stages
SyncWords - video on demand with captions
Export captions
Meet compliance regulations, avoid lawsuits, and achieve required accessibility.
SyncWords accessibility for WCAG 2.1, Section 508, ADA CVAA & FCC, Bill 96
WCAG 2.1 – Section 508 – ADA – CVAA & FCC – Bill 96

Edit Captions

SyncWords Pro Caption Editor is a complete caption authoring tool for the professional broadcast captioner, but easy enough for anyone to use. This tool is AI powered, cloud based and production-ready.

SyncWords - captioning and subtitling for pre-recorded video
Caption editor with SyncWords
Easily view & edit captions overlaid on your video
SyncWords Caption editor: format, styling
Change format and styling
SyncWords caption editor: split, merge captions
Split or merge captions
SyncWords captioning: caption timing
Adjust caption timing
SyncWords captioning and subtitling: captions and subtitles placement
Easily adjust caption placement
SyncWords on-demand captioning and subtitling: auto-save and backup
Auto-save and backup
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Create, edit and export your captions any time in the cloud

High Quality

Get production-ready captions. Precision timing. UX optimized captions. Comply with strict FCC guidelines.


Speed up your workflow. Captions ready in minutes. Efficient tools proven to streamline your workflow. Parallel process projects to expand your capacity.


Enterprise access. Real time collaboration. Distributed workforce. Scalable cloud-based infrastructure to meet demand.


Skip countless hours of manual effort and save money. No up-front commitments. Pay-as-you-go or volume discounts.

Full Control of Captioning Accuracy

A well-design captioning tool to ensure optimal use flexibility based on your current accessibility need and specific captioning requirements for pre-recorded media.

Already have a transcript?


Upload your existing transcript and use SyncWords proprietary sync AI to segment text into well-timed captions and generate your caption file in English and many other languages.


Let SyncWords make your pre-recorded media accessible with highly accurate captions provided by experienced transcribers. Same or next day turnaround time, supported in multiple languages. Works for all video volumes and formats.

Use professional or ASR-generated transcript to increase the translation accuracy with SyncWordsSyncWords' AI captioning and translations for on-demand videos: stages guide
Professional transcripts to ensure
accurate captions
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AI Captioning with Enhanced Accuracy

On a budget? Use SyncWords Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Add Custom Dictionary to increase the accuracy of transcription output:

SyncWords on-demand video: ASR and accuracy
Project-based lists of names, locations, and relevant terms
SyncWords on-demand video: ASR dictionary
Applies to separate words and/ or whole phrases
SyncWords on-demand video: enhanced accuracy with ASR dictionary
Available for multiple languages
SyncWords caption editor for on-demand captioning - ASR accuracy

Flexible Advanced Settings

Looking to fine-tune the automatic captioning output? SyncWords gives you the power to use over 30 different settings when creating your caption files:

SyncWords caption editor for enterprise, features, settings, user management system
Unit/project/default pre-sets
Number of characters per line
Number of lines
Minimum and maximum caption duration
and many more

Export to Multiple Caption & Subtitle Formats

We support most popular formats related to broadcast, web and OTT delivery. That includes formats like SCC, SRT, VTT & IMSC. Generate any number of caption or subtitle files without any additional cost.

and many more

Looking to translate your pre-recorded video to generate foreign subtitles?

Use SyncWords’ Contextual Machine Translation for a dramatically increased quality of foreign subtitles in 50+ languages, with optional professional QA.
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Streamline your Delivery Workflow

Our solutions are flexible in adapting to your company’s current automation workflows and processes. Use our robust API for smooth submission of high volumes of pre-recorded content and apply intelligent pre-sets for easy on-demand captioning.

SyncWords - Live and on-demand automatic Captions, subtitles,  and translations for enterprise

Dealing with large volumes of pre-recorded media or having specific workflow requirements?

Get an Enterprise-ready solution for captioning, subtitling, and dubbing your video on demand. Advanced user management system, secure API access. Bulk volume discounts apply.
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