AI Captions, Subtitles & Voice Translations for corporate live events & streams

Make accessibility and inclusivity simple and affordable by adding auto-generated real-time captions, subtitles, or voice translations to live streams, virtual, hybrid, or in-person business events. Use SyncWords On-demand services to enhance audience engagement with captioned and translated pre-recorded video content.
SyncWords live captions & translations on virtual event platforms
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Live Captioning, Subtitling, and Dubbing

Power any live stream, virtual, hybrid, or in-person event and meeting, simu-live webinar with real-time captions and AI-powered translations for enhanced accessibility and effective inclusivity.

captions for live events and pre-recorded video
subtitles for live events and pre-recorded video
live ai dubbing for events and pre-recorded video
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Hybrid Live Captioning
& Translation
Automatic Live Captioning
& Translation
Human/ CART + AI
  • Virtual, Hybrid, In-person events & meetings
  • Simulive & Metaverse
Base: 4 (En, Es, Fr, Pt)
Target: 100+
Base: 50+ (EMEA, LATAM, APAC)
Target: 100+
Translation Glossaries
ASR Dictionaries + Translation Glossaries
Over 100 virtual event platforms
Embedded widget + Custom QR code access on mobile
  • Highly cost-effective, compared to human translation
  • Pre-booking required
  • Regional accent flexibility for on-mobile dubbing (e.g. Fr-Ca, Fr-Be, Es-Mx, Es-Co)
  • Friendly and intuitive UX
  • Brand enhancement
  • Basic and Granular Analytics
  • Robust API
  • Highly cost-effective, compared to all types of captioning & translation services
  • Same-day scheduling
  • Regional accent flexibility for on-mobile dubbing (e.g. Fr-Ca, Fr-Be, Es-Mx, Es-Co)
  • Friendly and intuitive UX
  • Brand enhancement
  • Basic and Granular Analytics
  • Robust API
WCAG 2.1, Sections 504 & 508, ADA, CVAA, FCC
Up to 12 000
Dedicated Live Event Manager + Expert Techs

On-demand Video Transcription, Captioning & Subtitling

Add captions and translations with AI automation and human QA services to boost accessibility and inclusivity of your media content

Automatic content localization with SyncWords
Human or AI transcription
accessibility and inclusivity for broadcast, OTT, social media with SyncWords
Neural contextual machine translation
Audience reach for broadcast, OTT, social media with SyncWords
ASR dictionaries
cost-effective live subtitling and translation with SyncWords
Translation glossaries
subscriptions, ads for OTT, broadcast, social media with SyncWords
Natural-sounding AI-generated dubbing
quality assurance for translation
Human-powered quality assurance

Key Benefits

Workflow Integration

SyncWords enables custom configuration of AI automation and services for unique workflows. Our RESTful API makes SyncWords’ functionality available programmatically to your enterprise systems. Seamless support for live streaming with AWS Elemental MediaLive.

live captions, subtitles, translations for broadcast TV with SyncWords


Create custom templates and outputs that meet your delivery specs, saving you time and effort.

live captions, subtitles, translations for broadcast TV with SyncWords

User Management System

Add employees and outside contractors to a project while keeping all content in one centralized location. Manage user access and permissions. Support for custom integration with SSO.

Unlimited users
Scalable ordering
Payment tracking & history
downloadable in pdf, CVS
Organization-wide project settings
default pre-sets
Billing groups
company/ entity/ unit/
notifications in Slack


Different support plans for enterprise customers with optional 24/7 coverage across all time zone

Slack channel
SLA-based Dedicated Account Manager
Chat, email, and phone support


All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Enterprise transcription services are provided in secure facilities being HIPAA and FERPA-compliant. Data storage in ISO 27001-certified servers.

live captions, subtitles, translations for broadcast TV with SyncWords

Enhanced Accessibility and
Content Localization Worldwide

SyncWords’ captioning, subtitling, and dubbing is the optimal solution for businesses with locations anywhere around the world. Live events and meetings are supported across any time zone with a dedicated expert technician 24/7.

Fits perfectly with:

Different business sectors, industries
Variable workflows and processes
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live captions and translations for events and vod content for corporate
live captions, subtitles and dubbing for government
accessibility for live and VOD content in education
captions, subtitles and dubbing for entertainment
live and on-demand captions, subtitles and dubbing for houses of worship
House of Worship
captions and translations for healthcare
15 years
of experience
registered users
mins live captioned & translated yearly
VOD mins captioned & subtitles yearly

Enterprise Solution Pricing

Centralized billing and payment
with customizable intra-organization billing groups

Custom pre-payment options

Discuss your business needs for media localization with a SyncWords Sales representative to ensure optimal pricing for higher volumes of live and pre-recorded video content.

Bulk volume

Order captioning, subtitling, and dubbing for high volumes of live and pre-recorded media content at discounted rates. Flexible translation service combinations.

Lock in prices with 1+ year subscription

Freeze prices for SyncWords services for live and on-demand media by opting for an annual subscription plan.

Customer Reviews

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"SyncWords is a great solution for online events. It provided subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian, connecting thousands of young people worldwide for us. Our participants are satisfied with the quality of translation and are very grateful to have a chance to follow the sessions in their own language. The SyncWords team worked hard on getting a user-friendly solution in place for our users both in our virtual event platform and on YouTube. We highly recommend their service! "

Global Youth Mobilization

We have used them for both of our 2021 virtual conference events. Easy to communicate with, quick response time, and accurate live translations every time :) Fully integrated into our streaming platform. Best part as a non profit association, they are very economical.

Angela van Wingerden
Canadian Urban Transit Association

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