Live 608 Captions Using RTMP(S)

Easily embed 608 captions in your live stream or event. Generate automatic AI captions or let professional CART captioners do it for you. Perfect for streaming live video to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and beyond.

Automatic Live Captions and Translations for virtual and hybrid events

Scalable End-to-end Captioning Solution for Any Industry

Caption service companies
Event organizers
Houses of Worship

Accurate Live Captions for
Social Media

Live captions embedded as CEA-608 data in your live stream. Use our professional CART captioners or generate AI-powered live captions with ease. Start in English, Spanish, French, or any other 608-supported language. Compatible for streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other social media outlets.


One-Stop Platform to cover all captioning & translation needs

One-Stop Platform to Cover All Captioning and Translations Needs and meet accessibility requirements
Meet mandated accessibility requirements for live streaming
One-Stop Platform to Cover All Captioning and Translations Needs with instant language scalability
Highly scalable to support unlimited concurrent live streams
One-Stop Platform to Cover All Captioning and Translations Needs to expand audience reach and increase viewership
Get higher accuracy than built-in speech-to-text inside social media platforms
One-Stop Platform to Cover All Captioning and Translations Needs with in-player delivery
Simple integration with your current live streaming workflow
One-Stop Platform to Cover All Captioning and Translations Needs with instant localization of live programming to 100+ languages
Use your existing human captioning service

Adding SyncWords to your RTMP(S) live stream means: simple, scalable and instant delivery of live captions to social media and all standard video sharing platforms.

One-Stop Platform to Embed Captions to
RTMP(S) Live Streams

Cost-effective, scalable, and reliable solution to add 608 captions to any RTMP(S) stream or broadcast. Compatible with standard live streaming platforms. Fully cloud-based, no hardware required.


Live AI Captioning

Automatic captions instantly available in all languages supported by CEA-608 including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Create custom dictionaries to enhance captioning accuracy of your live stream. Include specialized terminology, acronyms, and proper names. Store as many custom dictionaries as needed for various types of live programming.

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Live CART Captioning

Use SyncWords managed services to provide professional human captioning in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or French.

The platform is compatible with all standard human captioning/CART systems. Bring your own captioning service if needed.

SyncWords can add a cloud-based software caption encoder that works the same as hardware encoders.


Live RTMP(S) Streams

Whether you’re using OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Streamlabs, XSplit Broadcaster, Teradek, Restream, StreamYard solutions, or any other streaming solutions, send your stream to SyncWords and get it captioned in real time.

SyncWords’ platform provides a simple way to push or pull RTMP(S) streams while adding perfectly synchronized automatic or CART captions. Run unlimited concurrent live streams.

Our cloud-based embedded captions are fully featured and support all the 608 positioning and formatting.

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Key Benefits

Low-touch: no transcoding, no hardware, fully cloud-based
Enhanced accuracy with ASR dictionaries
Highly cost-effective,
compared to live interpreters
Unlimited concurrent streams
Hassle-free: 24/7 availability
7 source languages supported
Delivery to major social media outlets: YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo
Most live streaming platforms supported: Dacast, Brightcove, AWS Elemental, Wowza
Fully API-supported to automate live captioning workflows

Embed captions to your
RTMP(S) stream with ease

Use your existing live streaming software or service to connect to SyncWords and add AI-powered or human captions to your live stream in real time.


Live Embedded Captioning Workflow
Using RTMP(S) Streaming Protocol

A cost-effective solution compared to hardware encoders. Effortlessly add accurate AI-powered or CART captions to any live stream. Seamless integration into existing streaming workflows. Perfect for streaming to social media.

Client RTMP(S)
video Stream
Live Platform
Adding Live AI or CART Captions
Live Streaming Platform
Receives live video with 608 captions embedded

Beyond RTMP(S).
Support for Different Live Streaming Protocols

One-stop shop for automated live captions, subtitles, and AI voice translations. Make live programming accessible and inclusive by adding SyncWords to your HLS, SRT, or RTMP(S) stream.

HLS Streaming ProTOCOL

Easily insert real-time automatic captions, subtitles and AI audio translations into a live stream to enhance accessibility and inclusivity. Highly cost-effective and scalable solution for streaming your live video content in multiple languages on any device or screen. Unlimited concurrent channels to broadcast different types of live programs.

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SRT Streaming protocol

SRT (secure reliable transport) streaming is a modern, secure and reliable way to deliver live video content. Effortlessly add real-time captions to those streams using SyncWords AI or CART captioning. Can be used with virtual studios, remote live productions, or software-based captioning services to boost accessibility. No hardware required for unlimited concurrent live streams.

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Already using AWS Elemental? Looking to make your live streams accessible & inclusive 24/7?

Add SyncWords to your AWS Elemental workflow. SyncWords’ seamless integration into AWS Elemental MediaLive & MediaPackage means you can:

Auto-generate AI captions live in 50+ languages with enhanced accuracy
Translate to foreign subtitles in 100+ languages instantly
Automatically provide live audio dubbing in 50+ languages with over 900 AI voice options
Leverage AWS Elemental MediaPackage DVR functionality while preserving live captions and translations
Use Amazon CloudFront as your CDN
Benefit from SyncWords’ RESTful API
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Use SyncWords’ RESTful API to add
automatic real-time captions to live streams

Seamlessly manage adding automatic captions to your RTMP(S) streams with SyncWords’ advanced API. Create, access, update and monitor events in real-time:

Integrate into your existing live streaming workflow
Use JSON or YAML data formats
Dive into API endpoints and authentication
Run a Postman collection with detailed documentation with
quick start guides
Consult our Swagger implementation
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Deliver Real-Time Captions to
Social Media & Other Live Streaming Services

Using captions for live content makes streams more accessible to individuals with disabilities.
Viewers watch captioned content for longer periods of time and retain more information.

adults worldwide require accessibility in the form of closed captioning
of people who use captions are not deaf and hard of hearing
by 85%
live captioning increases view time of your live stream

SyncWords Live Platform is a perfect solution for:

Embedding 608 captions into a live stream
Delivering a captioned live stream to social media
Accommodating up to 7 source languages for enhanced comprehension
Supporting both AI-powered and CART captioning workflows
Flexible viewing experience: turn on and off the supported captions available for live streams
Retaining the quality of 608 closed captions when the text is scaled up or down
Works with:

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