Live Subtitles & AI Voice Translations for
OTT & Broadcast TV

Reach new audiences locally and around the world
Get live programs AI dubbed and subtitled in 100+ languages
Fully automated or human-AI hybrid translations
Use our remote cloud caption encoder
Deliver to social media platforms with burned in subtitles
Leverage AWS Elemental MediaLive workflows
live AI subtitles and translations for broadcast, OTT, social media with SyncWords

Industry changing solution
for AI live subtitling and voice translation

Provide required accessibility to live content for hard-of-hearing and deaf audiences while embracing inclusivity and localization in an effective and scalable way.

Automatic content localization with SyncWords
Automatic content
accessibility and inclusivity for broadcast, OTT, social media with SyncWords
accessibility & inclusivity
Audience reach for broadcast, OTT, social media with SyncWords
Wider audience
& market reach
cost-effective live subtitling and translation with SyncWords
subscriptions, ads for OTT, broadcast, social media with SyncWords
Additional revenue source with multiplied subscriptions, Ads
Language scalability with SyncWords

Live subtitle translation solution designed to translate subtitles to 100+ languages using Artificial Intelligence

live captions, translated subtitles, dubbing for broadcast, OTT, social media, podcasts
SyncWords Bloomberg logoCaptions and subtitles on YouTube captions, subtitles, live dubbing on THEO playerlive captions and subtitles on facebook
live caption workflow icon
Easily fits into your existing live caption workflow
court reporting/ voice writing with SyncWords
Supports industry standard court reporting/ voice writing
Customizable translation glossary with SyncWords
Customizable translation glossary for language pairs
EPG scheduling with SyncWords
EPG scheduling functionality
live captions and subtitles with HLS, burn-in, VTT streams, 608 with SyncWords
Several delivery options for live captions, subtitles & dubs: 608, HLS and SRT streams, burn-in
live translation for streaming and OTT with SyncWords
Translate to over 100+ languages simultaneously for streaming and OTT
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SyncWords Live is designed for existing production-ready Live OTT and Broadcast TV workflows. Our customers are able to dramatically increase their viewership potential resulting in new subscriptions and ad revenue opportunities.

Live Captions, Subtitles & Voice Translations
for Broadcast TV

Deliver fully automated captions and translate them to multiple languages to make your broadcast available in new foreign language markets. SyncWords Live has been in production with large global broadcasters delivering foreign subtitles and AI voice translations reliably 24/7.

live captions, subtitles, translations for broadcast TV with SyncWords
Popular Use Cases:
Entertainment Programs

Live Captions, Subtitles & Voice Translations
for OTT

For Live OTT applications, SyncWords Live can automatically scale additional languages simultaneously without disturbing your existing media workflow. This means that expanding live video events to a global market is reachable with automation, be it AI subtitling or dubbing in real-time. No need for expensive captioning hardware.

live subtitles and translations for OTT with SyncWords
Popular Use Cases:
Entertainment Programs

Go beyond foreign subtitles with
SyncWords' breakthrough
AI Live Dubbing solution for OTT

AI voice translations with regional accent of your choice for a more natural consumption of content and a wider audience reach. Generate synthetic voice in an affordable, cost-effective way.

Best-in-breed AI speech & translation technologies
Support for 50+ target languages
Automatic synchronization of dubs (aka voice translation) with live video
Seamless integration into existing AWS Elemental MediaLive workflows
No transcoding of live streams
Elevated viewing experience with HLS player compatibility

Live Translations
for Social Media

The most popular way to deliver subtitles to social media is to burn them into the video. SyncWords Live can do it live in any language in order to bypass technical limitations of social media platforms. Send your burned in subtitles to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.

live translations for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo with SyncWords
Popular Use Cases:
Live & Hybrid Events
Press Conferences

Live AI Dubbing
for Mobile & Desktop Applications

Localize your live content in a cost-effective way while ensuring a sleek user-friendly experience. Whether it is Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Stitcher, Tunein, SyncWords Live can power and scale your content with AI live voice translations to 40+ languages in an instant.

Live dubbing for social media, podcasts with SyncWords

How Does SyncWords’ Live Captioning, Subtitling, and Translation Work?

Captioners connect to SyncWords Live as they would to any standard CC encoder—through an IP and Port assigned by the system. SyncWords Live then acts as a virtual encoder outputting translated text to either a remote encoder for live broadcast TV delivery, or directly to a live streaming platform, meaning it can be added to any existing live caption workflow.

For Broadcast & OTT

SyncWords proprietary AI for translation
Translated Text
live translation processlive subtitling process
Input Text
Input Text
live subtitles and translations for OTT workflow
SyncWords for broadcast and OTT live subtitling
Translated Text
live translations and subtitles with SyncWords encoder
Remote Encoder / Inserter

SyncWords Live can also interface with existing hardware and software that is used every day by all the major broadcast networks and caption service companies. This includes CaptionMaker, Eclipse, and Stenograph software. Hardware encoder support includes Evertz, EEG, and Link Electronics via IP connection.

delivery of live subtitles and translations for broadcast, OTT
live subtitles and dubbing for broadcast TV and OTT
TV Broadcast
with new language
live HLS in-player translations with SyncWords
HLS Player
in-player live translations for broadcast and OTT
100+ simultaneous languages
per channel

For Social Media with Burn-in Subtitles

live subtitles and translations for social media
Live ASR with
Custom Dictionary
Audio Stream with
input language
live ASR translations for broadcast, ott, social media
SyncWords live subtitles and translations
Real-time translation
RTMP stream for live translations, subtitles
live subtitles and translations with SyncWords encoder
Streaming Encoder Sends RTMP
Real-time formatting
Subtitle graphics
live subtitle formatting for broadcast and ottautomatic live translated subtitles in live video player
live translated subtitles with SyncWords
Real-time Transcode with Translated Subtitles
live subtitles and translations in live video player
live subtitles and translations on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo
Live Video Player

Multilingual Live Subtitles and AI Voice Translations

SyncWords Live can translate incoming captions to 100+ languages. All languages are available for delivery as live streams. A caption streaming text protocol allows support for all languages including ones using Asian and Cyrillic character sets. Glossaries can be added to specify translations for particular words and phrases.

Why SyncWords Live?

We benchmarked realtime translation from English to Spanish in a broadcast environment by comparing SyncWords Live Translation solution versus human translators and CART captioners.

Translation Coverage

Captioned Text*
Proper Nouns
Speaker Labels
Sound Cues
Human Translation

* 100% of the English content was translated into Spanish. Reflected is the character count of the human translated Spanish vs the automated translated Spanish.

Latency Benchmark in Seconds

Min Latency
Avg Latency
Max Latency
Human Translation

We are able to achieve an effective average latency of zero for OTT delivery. We achieve this by offsetting the delivery of captions and utilizing the inherent latency of the stream.

SyncWords - Automatic Live Captions & Translation

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