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SyncWords is at the forefront of captioning and subtitling automation for both real-time and pre-recorded content. We bring together experts from the broadcast, machine learning, and web design fields to create truly unique and innovative products.

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We use advanced artificial intelligence and automation, developed in-house, in all aspects of the captioning process.

SyncWords' goal is to continue innovating its technology, tools and automation to create captions and subtitles with higher quality at more affordable prices, and accessible to all users. We get great satisfaction when customers are able to produce huge cost-savings and efficiencies in their processes.
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"Fast and professional. We were hugely impressed by their ability to deliver on such a tight timeline and found the platform and app were intuitive. We are excited by the possibilities."

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We are located in a spacious sun-drenched studio in Long Island City, New York, and have a team of multitalented and multilingual individuals that thrives on challenges, and problem-solving. Our Kyiv office, which hosts our engineering team, is arguably nicer.
Stay tuned - We are leveraging our captioning AI technologies in truly revolutionary ways.