AI Generated Video Dubbing

We ensure fast turnaround, quality, and
cost-effectiveness when making your media multilingual using AI and machine generated voices.


What is AI Dubbing?

AI Dubbing aims at seamlessly replacing the speech in a source video or audio with AI generated speech in a different language.

Our dubbing technology employs automatic speech recognition of the source language, followed by a machine translation into the target language with timed synchronization constraints, and neural voice synthesis to recreate it in the target language in the final audio stream.

Advantages of AI Dubbing over Human Dubbing

human dubbing

Human Dubbing

A video’s original sound is recorded again by voice actors reading a translated script in a new language.
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It takes an agency up to 4 weeks to dub a 5 min of video content
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A simple video costs as much as $75/minute
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Hiring actors, conducting voice auditions
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The same actor may not be available
AI dubbing

AI Dubbing

The speech in a source video or audio is replaced with AI generated voice in a different language.
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15x faster dubbing using our AI technology
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5x more reasonable cost
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Natural sounding AI generated voices
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AI is always available and has no weekends 🙂

Multiple Ways to Dub

Option 1

Fully Automated Dubbing

Create AI dubs using ASR and Machine Translation. Works well with only good sounding speech on input.

Option 2
microphone and headers

Enhanced with Human QA

Our professionals edit paraphrase and assure overall quality of translated dubs.

Option 3
subtitles file

Provide Your Script

Create AI dubs using ASR and Machine Translation. Works well with only good sounding speech on input.

Wondering how to convert your subtitles into AI dubs?
Subtitles can bring more benefit if they are voiced.
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srt ai dubs

Wide Range of Use Cases

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Unlock your product or business to global audience by localizing promo videos.


Dubbed deck conveys the tone of professionalism and inspires trust in foreign partners.


Engage foreign sudents in their local language.
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Unlock global audience by providing your content in viewers’ language.


Provide event videos to the multilingual public after live, hybrid, or offline event.


Deliver your healthcare videos focused on fluency in medical terminology.
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How this Magic Works

4 simple steps and your media is multilingual and ready to reach global audience.
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Languages Available for AI Dubbing

The listed languages are available for both input and output. Means that you can translate from any to any.
english language
(US, UK, AU, SA)
spanish language
(Spain, Latin America)
french language
(France, Canada)
portuguese language
(Portugal, Brasil)
german language
italian language

Security First

We care about content security and privacy. Your media is protected from unauthorized access and is kept under a solid security policy.
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Human Resources

Security includes background checks, identity verification, signing NDAs, and security awareness training for all translators.

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Access Control

Remote access into system is highly restricted and requires multifactor authentication. The media is compressed and unavailable to export.

Can I try your AI dubbing for free?

Yes, you can request a 30 seconds dub of your media for free.

I have a question, can I get some help?

Absolutely! Use our Contact Form to get in touch with us at any time.

How does billing work in SyncWords?

SyncWords is a pay-per-use service. We only charge when a project is submitted and there are no hidden fees! Charges are based on media duration, and pro-rated to the minute. We will summarize the costs for every project and ask for your confirmation before any charge is made. We accept all major credit cards.

What video formats do you support?

We ingest all major audio and video formats. In return we can provide a mixed in dubbed audio, or an mp3.

Why to dub (localize) the media?

Dubbing allows you to efficiently communicate with multiple audiences in their native languages.

Can I also have my video subtitled?

Yes, you can provide your media with subtitles in SRT format, and we can convert them into voice with the same timing.

Ready to Connect with Global Audience?

Time to make your video content multilingual.
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Same week delivery
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Natural-sounding synthetic voice-over or dubbing
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Human translation, Machine translation or upload your own translated script or subtitles
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