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Bring us your media and SyncWords will deliver a timed transcript using our best-in-class auto-transcription AI. Review & download using a suite of features in our new Sync Editor.

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The Transcript Editor
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SyncWords fully web-based Sync Editor provides an interactive editing interface for synchronized transcripts built to meet the needs of media, journalism, legal, corporate and more.

Edit Text Always in Sync

Edit transcript and SyncWords’ continuous auto-timing feature will resync it with your media in the background.

Adjust Timing

Easily shift words or lines between captions without having to readjust timing.

Assign Speakers

Edit speakers labels en masse.

Add Audio Cues

Add audio cue highlighting for additional control during export.

Find & Replace

Use search & replace tool to edit transcript even faster.

Automated Transcribing

A lot of technology is involved behind the scenes but we strive to keep it simple on the surface. Intuitive controls and customizable keyboard shortcuts make for an effecient, easy to use editor.

Auto Placement

SyncWords will analyze your video for on screen text and other key elements and automatically avoid covering these areas with captions.

Auto Scene Detection

SyncWords can detect and highlight all scene changes in your video. Automatically snap caption timing to the start of a new scene.

Customizable Error Detection

The Caption Editor double checks your work and catches potential problems and errors before they go to air.

Autosave & Backup on Cloud

Your progress is saved automatically and often so you can pick up right where you left off.

Customizable Shortcuts

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Maschine Translations

Automatically translate your project into more than 40 languages with a single click.

Manage & Collaborate

Managing captioning process should be efficient, caption editor makes it easy.

Invite New Editors

Easily shift words or lines between captions without having to readjust timing.

Review, Comment & Discuss Captions

Easily shift words or lines between captions without having to readjust timing.

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Try our professional captioning tools for free.

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SyncWords offers automated speech recognition transcription with the fastest turnaround available as well as professional transcription services. Or if you prefer to transcribe your media yourself, you can do that too.

The Power of API Integration

Supercharge and automate your workflow with our available API integration. Connect to the SyncWords platform and streamline your production.
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