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5 Reasons Why you Should Caption your Live Meetings

Let us discuss five reasons why you should caption your live meetings.

As the world changes with time and circumstance, so does technology. Work from home is the new normal, for better or for worse. Attending webinars and conferences on various virtual event platforms from the new home office is in. When the world has learned to accommodate work and business conversations from the living room, why should anyone or anything be left behind? From the comfort of your makeshift office space, here are five reasons why you should caption your live meetings.

When you are hosting a webinar and addressing the entire company, globally, the platform is moot. Whether it is from the board room or from your home office, you have to make a lasting impression. Accessibility and inclusivity drives SyncWords’ business and products. Here are five reasons how SyncWords can help make your event a success.

  1. Not all your employees speak the same language you do. But it is pivotal they get the information they need as accurately as possible. Live captions for your event with various languages are provided on the fly for non-native speakers. This helps you reach wider audiences all in real time. How cool is that?
  1. Chances are you have a lot to say during your live event, especially if presenting to a worldwide audience. But as is the corporate world’s wont, you know that time is of the essence. You may have a tendency to speak a bit faster than everyone else. This is usually not a problem when attendees can fit in one board room. But consider the new meeting your town hall, with a global, multilingual audience. What you have to cram into 20 minutes may be unclear for some people in the audience. In such cases, captions should be added on the go to your live event. Those who might feel that you are going a mile a minute with your speech have the option of reading the captions and staying with your thought process. If they choose to, they can even access the transcript of the meeting immediately after the event. 
  1. Adding captions to your live event is also beneficial for those people who are hard of hearing. One of the main reasons for Captions and Translation is to cater to the needs of those who are hearing-impaired, so that they too have the benefit of participation in your event. If technology cannot make the world more inclusive and accessible, what can?
  1. Adding captions or translating your live event also helps people who have issues with audio or internet bandwidth. For instance, imagine that they are attending a live event from a café and prefer to watch videos without sound when in public. Or if their internet connection is not the speediest (yes, that too happens every now and then!) making video viewing a challenge. In such cases, live captions provided by skilled captioners will help attendees follow what is being spoken.
  1. Lastly, adding captions or translations to your live event improves the quality and extends the visibility of the event. It adds value and makes it personal to the non-native speaker. This will always make one feel comfortable attending a captioned event and likely leave them coming back for more.

The future is limitless with live captions and translations for all events. Have you tried SyncWords’ live captions yet? For more info go to:

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October 29, 2021
Suma Nagaraj
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