Captioning as a Team: Collaborative Captioning Tools Come to the SyncWords Pro Caption Editor

Read more about the new interface and innovative new features we just launched for our Pro Caption Editor.

It’s easy to remain complacent when you have captioning and subtitling tools that work very well and help thousands of people accomplish their goals, but that is not how we function here at SyncWords. We are constantly striving to improve both the tools people use, as well as their experience while using them. That is why we are excited to announce a new UI and many new innovative features for our Pro Caption Editor. These new features are geared towards saving you time and meeting tighter deadlines while working remotely with your team in the age of social distancing and cloud-based workflows.

New UI

Our UX/UI team took a look at the SyncWords Pro Caption Editor to see how it could be improved. What they discovered was there was too much wasted space and too many items hidden under drop downs, so they got to work coming up with a new look and feel. The new approach removes the wasted space from the top of the page and shifts most of the features over to the right-hand side. This streamlined approach allows you to keep whatever feature you need open at all times without interfering with the captions you are editing. The left side received similar treatment - making it easier to go back to your project, enable full screen editing with a bigger video player and submit support and feedback requests right from the editor.

Ripple Time Code

A long standing customer request has been having the ability to Ripple Time Code - same as industry standard desktop closed captioning editors. You asked, we listened and delivered! Now, you can quickly adjust the time of multiple captions simultaneously without altering all the captions in the file. This is great for correcting captions imported from other sources, or matching your captions to a master video that has already been edited. For example, you need to move captions after the 15 minute mark forward 30 seconds to account for a commercial break.

Collaborative Editing with Comments!

How often have you found yourself needing to meet a tight deadline and not enough time to execute it? If you are in the captioning world, I'm betting the answer to that question is - when is that not the case? :) Well, here at SyncWords, we are proud to give you a new set of tools that can make rushing through captions five minutes before your deadline a thing of the past. With our new multi-user editing, you can have several users edit the same caption file simultaneously. We created intuitive visual indicators of where other users are editing, and warnings when you try to edit the same caption another user is currently on. We also introduced a comment system letting you add notes for your co-workers that can reference the project or specific captions. These notes can be used when training new staff members or contractors by giving them feedback on their work.  You can also make notes to check spelling of words as you continue to complete the rest of the project. These features are part of our ever-expanding goal of creating a truly collaborative captioning workflow.

If you have been on the fence about trying SyncWords’ cloud-based captioning workflow, now is the perfect time to experience the future of captioning and subtitling.

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