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Making Your Vimeo Content Accessible via our SyncWords Integration

See how to link your Vimeo and SyncWords accounts and make your content accessible with the push of a few buttons.

Do you have videos that need to be professionally captioned or translated just sitting in your Vimeo account? Integrate Vimeo with SyncWords and let us help you take care of all your captioning needs in one place.

So how do i integrate my Vimeo account to SyncWords?

To link your Vimeo account with SyncWords and easily select videos for captioning and even have SyncWords post captions back to Vimeo once your project is complete, just follow these easy steps:

- From your dashboard, click + New Project.

- Scroll down a bit and under Media, click Link a 3rd Party Account.

Now select the Vimeo option and click the Link Account button. You’ll be redirected to log in to your Vimeo account and authorize SyncWords to access your account. 

Once the account is linked, select a video from your Vimeo account to caption, transcribe or translate.

You can automatically upload your synchronized captions to the selected Vimeo video when the project completes. You can also PostBack captions any time after the project is complete.

If you want a little more control over what is being sent back to Vimeo, review and edit your captions in our web-based Pro Caption Editor and then post those captions back to your video on Vimeo with the click of a button.

To access our Pro Caption Editor, click the Edit Captions button from your completed project page.

Get Step by Step Instructions:

Add captions to your Vimeo videos with SyncWords automation tools.

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