SyncWords Teams with Swaim Strategies to Deliver Captions and Translations for Live Events to Nonprofits

Syncwords is proud to partner with Swaim Strategies to bring accessibility and enjoyment of live events to all audiences. Both companies embrace the values of accessibility and inclusivity in all they do. This mutual desire to help others had led both organizations to bring large-scale events to the masses using live captioning and translation services.

Syncwords recently partnered with Swaim Strategies - a content marketing agency that specializes in fundraising events, conferences, storytelling, education, and virtual conferences. Syncwords provides captions and translations in real-time to large audiences for Swaim Strategies’ events like concerts, conventions, conferences, lectures, and webinars. This partnership helps increase access to events for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals attending live functions that otherwise may have been impossible to join. 

"The team at SyncWords is so wonderfully responsive, a true partner in providing the best service to our non-profit partners, and extremely kind. Thank you all so much for your openness and willingness to see what process will streamline the needs of our clients in such an empowering way!" said a spokesperson from Swaim Strategies.  This partnership enables Swaim Strategies to cater to a significantly more extensive audience who can experience live events using professional captions, industry-leading AI, and cloud-based tools. 

By offering better captioning and translating services at live events for all audiences, both organizations can better help communities grow through accessible live events.  According to Ash Shah, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Syncwords, "We are proud to be working with Swaim Strategies. We are impressed with their commitment to accessibility and inclusion and their use of SyncWords' captioning services for live events, as well as pre-recorded videos. They have an impressive list of non-profits they work with, and their team is very proactive and motivated." 

Syncwords captioning tools and services offer other benefits in addition to accessibility and inclusivity. With Syncwords’, videos now have text that search engines can crawl to help increase SEO, allowing organizations to reach a larger audience. If you need assistance providing accessibility services at your next event, Syncwords can help you at your next virtual event, be it a small group or large gathering. 

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