Welcome Kaltura Users

Here you will find resources and information about how to add accessibility to your video projects using our Kaltura integration. This means that if you currently have video projects on Kaltura all of our automated captioning and translation tools are available to you when you sign-up for a Syncwords account.

Connect Your Kaltura Account

Connect your Kaltura account is easy and will allow you to import your videos directly into SyncWords and export captions back to Kaltura

Caption With a Transcript

Bring your transcript or create your own and SyncWords will sync it to your video and generate captions ready for export.

Caption Without a Transcript

No transcript? No problem. SyncWords offers automatic transcription of your video with ASR technology and the fastest turnaround available.

Using the Pro Caption Editor

Creating captions has never been easier using our full featured Pro Caption Editor. Review and edit timing and text, adjust on-screen caption placement, catch potential errors and more.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

SyncWords offers automated speech recognition transcription with the fastest turnaround available as well as professional transcription services. Or if you prefer to transcribe your media yourself, you can do that too.

Auto Timestamping & Sync

SyncWords unmatched SyncEngine AI will analyze your video and transcript and timestamp every word with a precise beginning and end.

Auto Translations

Localize your media and grab the attention of viewers around the globe. Take any caption project and translate it into more than 40 languages with a click.

Auto On-Screen Placement

SyncWords will analyze your video for on screen text and other key elements and automatically avoid covering these areas with captions.

Caption Editor

SyncWords Pro Caption Editor is a complete caption authoring tool for the professional broadcast captioner, but easy enough for anyone to use. This tool is AI powered, cloud based and production-ready.
  • Easily view & edit captions overlaid on your video
  • Change format and styling
  • Split or merge captions
  • Adjust caption timing
  • Easily adjust caption placement

Sync Editor

Sync Editor is the ideal tool for rapid review and clean up of ASR transcripts. It provides an interactive editing interface for synchronized transcripts built to meet the needs of media, journalism, legal, corporate and more.
  • Edit text & timings
  • Add sound cues
  • Add speaker labels
SyncWords Live for real-time captions, subtitles and voice-overs

Live captions delivered anywhere, anytime, and accessed with ease. Recapd collects live captions during an event, call, meeting, or program and pushed them to the web in real-time right where you need them. Delivered to your browser, mobile device or embedded on your own site. Recapd makes captions accessible like never before.

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Our automatic live captioning transition solutions is designed to translate English and Spanish captions to a variety of languages using Artificial Intelligence. Completely cloud based, LanguageSync works with existing industry-standard live captioning software so it can be easily incorporated in your existing workflow.

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About SyncWords

Since 2013, SyncWords has provided high quality closed captioning with a fast turnaround and affordable pricing. We use adcanced cloud-based artificial intelligence and automation in every phase of the captioning process. We benefit our growing customer base by making their captioning workflow cost-effective, production-ready, and scalable.

Syncwords' world-class speech-text alignment technology has advanced practical application for large and small organizations. Our goal is to continue innovating Syncwords to create the next generation captioning and subtitling platform.

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Enterprise features like API access, workgroup user management and more help streamline your organizations workflow like never before.