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LET'S IMAGINE: Paris 2024 Summer Olympics Accessible & Inclusive to All with SyncWords‍

SyncWords is a key technology that can further enhance the accessibility in the Paris Olympics due to its innovative features that cater to a wide range of needs for viewers, both in-person and remote. By making the Games accessible to all, we uphold the principles of inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and leave a positive and lasting impact on both the sporting world and society as a whole. 

2024 will mark the third time that Paris has hosted the Olympic Games. The first was in 1900 and the last was a century ago, in 1924. Since then, the world has changed dramatically. Technology has advanced, records have been broken and new champions have been crowned. This year, Paris will host the Olympics and Paralympics this summer, with thousands of athletes and millions of tourists expected to descend on the French capital.

Paris, like other host cities, is investing in infrastructure improvements, such as building or renovating sports facilities, transportation upgrades, accommodations for athletes and visitors, and security measures. The city is also implementing urban development projects to enhance the city's appeal and functionality.

In the digital age, the allure of sports remains strong, attracting engaged audiences to streaming platforms globally. In essence, the Olympics have been a champion for exclusivity and accessibility. 

SyncWords: Revolutionizing Accessibility 

1. Live AI Captions:

  1. Accessibility: AI-powered captions make the live programming accessible to individuals with hearing impairments, ensuring they can follow the events in real-time.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: Real-time captions provide additional context and detail, enhancing the overall viewing experience for all viewers, not just those with hearing impairments. 
  3. Clarity in Commentary: Automatic captions help clarify fast-paced commentary during live events, ensuring viewers catch every detail, such as athlete names, scores, and key moments.
  4. Inclusive Viewing: Live AI captioning promotes inclusivity by allowing viewers to engage with the events regardless of their location or the noise level in their surroundings.

2. Live AI Subtitles:

  1. Multilingual Support: Automatic subtitles cater to international audiences by providing translations of the live commentary and event details.
  2. Language Accessibility: Viewers who do not understand the primary language of the broadcast can follow the events in their preferred language.
  3. Cultural Inclusivity: Real-time machine translated subtitles ensure that viewers from diverse linguistic backgrounds can fully participate in and appreciate the cultural aspects of the Olympics.
  4. Comprehensive Coverage: Subtitles cover not just the spoken commentary but also on-screen graphics and text, offering a complete viewing experience to non-native speakers.

3. Live AI Voice Dubs (also known as Live Audio Translations):

  1. Event Details: Real-time voice translations describe the action, atmosphere, and emotions of the events, allowing visually impaired individuals to fully understand and enjoy the live programming.
  2. Narrative Clarity: Live AI dubs clarify complex sports commentary, ensuring that viewers grasp the nuances of the events without relying solely on visual cues.
  3. Alternative Language Options: automated live dubbing in different languages cater to viewers who prefer audio narration over reading subtitles, providing an alternative to written translations.

Here's Why SyncWords Is a Game-Changer for Accessibility for the Olympics

  1. Caters to International Audiences

Automated live captions, subtitles, and voice dubs collectively broaden the reach of the Olympics to a global audience. The SyncWords platform provides content in multiple languages and with audio descriptions ensures cultural sensitivity and respect for diverse viewers. International audiences can fully engage with the events, athletes, and cultural aspects of the Olympics, fostering a sense of connection and inclusivity. These features ensure that international viewers can easily access information about athletes, event schedules, results, and background stories.

  1. Easily Scalable Captioning and Translations

SyncWords' scalability is immensely beneficial to the Olympics by enabling efficient handling of large volumes of content, accommodating diverse languages and needs, supporting various venues and events, handling peak traffic and viewership, providing flexibility for future growth and innovation, and offering cost-effective and efficient solutions. With SyncWords' scalable platform, the 2024 Paris Olympics can ensure seamless accessibility features for viewers worldwide, enhancing the overall viewing experience and promoting inclusivity on a global scale.

  1. Supports Different Live Streaming Protocols 

By utilizing SyncWords' support for live streaming protocols such as HLS, RTMP, and SRT, networks like CBS, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, France Télévisions, and Stan could enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of their live coverage of the Olympics this summer. Both on the contribution and distribution sides. Whether it's adaptive streaming, real-time delivery, or reliable transmission, SyncWords' platform offers the flexibility and reliability needed to deliver synchronized automatic captions, subtitles, and voice dubs seamlessly to viewers worldwide. This ensures that all audiences can enjoy the excitement and drama of the Olympics, regardless of their location, device, or language preference.

  1. Seamlessly Integrates into AWS Workflows

The SyncWords' platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with AWS Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage, providing a native solution for live AI captioning, subtitling, and voice dubbing. By leveraging AWS Elemental's capabilities, SyncWords ensures optimized performance and reliability for delivering captions, subtitles and dubs in real-time. For providers already using AWS Elemental, integrating SyncWords requires a minimal setup and configuration. Get everything up and running in minutes, saving time and resources. 

  1. Enhanced Accuracy with Custom or Default ASR Dictionaries

The SyncWords platform allows streaming providers to create custom ASR Dictionaries specific to Olympic events, including athlete names, sports terminology, and event details. The ASR Dictionaries ensure that the speech recognition engine accurately transcribes specialized and technical terms used during the Games. The ASR Dictionaries can also include speaker identification for commentators, ensuring that captions are attributed correctly in multi-speaker scenarios. And, SyncWords' agile platform allows for quick updates and modifications to ASR Dictionaries, accommodating last-minute changes or new terminology introduced during live events.

  1. Supports Concurrent Live Streams

SyncWords' support for concurrent live streams is a valuable feature that enhances the accessibility, coverage, and engagement of the 2024 Paris Olympics. Viewers benefit from the ability to choose and switch between multiple events, each with its dedicated real-time captions and translations, providing a personalized and inclusive viewing experience. Livestream providers can ensure comprehensive coverage of all Olympic events, from high-profile competitions to lesser-known sports, without compromising on accuracy or performance. With SyncWords' scalability, reliability, and customization options, the 2024 Paris Olympics become accessible to a global audience, offering an immersive and engaging experience for viewers worldwide.

  1.  In-player Delivery for Those Who Plan to Watch the Games Online

SyncWords' in-player delivery for audiences watching the 2024 Paris Olympics online provides a seamless, user-friendly, and accessible viewing experience. With integrated captions, subtitles, live voice translations viewers can enjoy the games in their preferred language and format, enhancing engagement and immersion. The responsive design ensures compatibility across devices, while well-synchronized and accurate captions and translations offer a cohesive multimedia experience. Livestream providers benefit from improved accessibility compliance, user engagement, and enhanced viewer satisfaction, making the Olympics accessible to a global online audience.

  1. Promotes a Hybrid Human and AI Approach:

Human captioners provide reliable support for live streaming workflows, ensuring captions are delivered accurately and on time. The SyncWords' platform allows for scalable deployment of human captioners, ensuring coverage for simultaneous live events and high viewership. By combining AI with human captioners, streaming providers achieve a cost-effective solution that maintains high-quality captions for all Olympic events. Plus, with SyncWords, human captioning is seamlessly supported for live streaming using HLS, RTMP, and SRT protocols. 

  1. Compatibility with Different Live Streaming Software 

SyncWords' compatibility with different live streaming software contributes to a more accessible, inclusive, and engaging broadcast of the Paris 2024 Olympics, enriching the experience for viewers around the world. Additionally, many jurisdictions have legal requirements for providing accessibility features like captions in broadcast content. SyncWords' compatibility with various live streaming software helps ensure that the Paris 2024 Olympics meet these compliance standards

  1. Fully Cloud-based and Hardware-free Platform

The SyncWords' fully cloud-based and hardware-free platform offers livestream providers a flexible, cost-effective, and reliable solution for live captioning and translation during the 2024 Paris Olympics. With remote accessibility, scalability, agility, and high availability, providers can deliver accurate and timely captions and translations for multiple concurrent live streams. The platform's security and compliance features ensure data integrity and legal adherence, while seamless integration options enable easy deployment into existing workflows. By leveraging SyncWords' cloud-based technology, livestream providers can enhance their coverage of the Olympics, reaching a global audience with inclusive and accessible content.


SyncWords' comprehensive suite of functionalities and features, including real-time captions, multilingual subtitling, AI dubbing, personalization options, and seamless integration with official broadcasts, makes it a key technology enhancing accessibility in the Paris Olympics. By leveraging SyncWords, the Olympics uphold the values of inclusivity, equality, and respect for all viewers, regardless of their abilities or language preferences. These features not only ensure that viewers of all abilities and languages can enjoy the events but also promote inclusivity, engagement, and cultural appreciation on a global scale.

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