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Captioning Events in Celebration of Women

SyncWords is proud to be the captioning partner for events that center women and their achievements. In this blog post, we take a look at a couple of recent events that celebrate women, their achievements and their spirit. Through captioning these events, SyncWords wants to get the “W” word out to all corners of the globe.

Recently, the Women of Influence group hosted a virtual event entitled “Building a Multi-Million Dollar Brand: How Vivian Kaye Conquered an Industry”. In keeping with their track record of “telling unfiltered stories” for over 25 years of women changemakers, this event celebrated the creation of a hugely successful business that began as a one-woman enterprise who was looking for hair extensions and couldn’t find any in the market that suited her. Today, her brand is a celebration of the indefatigable spirit of women. You can read all about Vivian Kaye in the WOI spotlight.

To help women entrepreneur hopefuls connect the dots between dreaming and realizing the dream, the discussion focused on several key points in launching and managing a business. For starters, how can technology be leveraged for small businesses? Is there a demand or gap in the market that can be fulfilled by your vision? How about personal brand-building online? Like, what goes into it? How do you steer clear of the “manufactured personality” pitfall? How can your authenticity shine through? How can you go about finding the right thought/business partner? The event and the lively discussion took these questions head-on, and you can get a quick recap of the event in caption form here. (Trust me, if you missed the event, you don’t want to miss the recap. Tons of takeaways for all women here.)

SyncWords was the captioning partner for this WOI event, and glad to be the chosen one. SyncWords’ technical support and event coordination team was engrossed in the event, offering live support to the host during the event so captions were timely, accurate, and captured the essence of the conversation in black on white. This semi-virtual event, in the words of host Marcia MacMillan, pays homage to “the beauty of coming together digitally has been the ability to connect our community across the country”. But with a captioning partner like SyncWords, land borders don’t exist. Conversations like these need to reach as many women all over the world as possible, and SyncWords makes this possible. SyncWords’ tools have been built over the course of 20 years, with industry veterans with rich experience in the media and entertainment space, including Emmy award winners. And with automatic translations to over 100 languages, events like these have the power to reach everyone, language no bar. 

SyncWords also captioned the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s Global Partner Meeting, a virtual event that, among other things, shared the latest clinical updates on ovarian cancer. The Coalition’s global mission is to empower every woman living with ovarian cancer her best shot at surviving it, without affecting the quality of life. Enabling these conversations to reach audiences all over the globe via captions, translations and downloadable transcripts is central to SyncWords’ core mission. Conversations such as these need to happen, with greater digital participation, so the change they precipitate can be felt the world over. 

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