Why Translate Your Live Meetings?

Translating online meetings is key to getting your message across to international audiences and grow your meeting attendance, especially these days as remote working has become the new normal.

As I write this blog entry, millions of people around the world are adjusting to full-time remote work and learning. Working remotely full-time can challenge us as humans because we are hardwired for human connection. However, with the challenges of COVID affecting most of us in the world, we have seen the trend to work remotely grow by almost 300% from early February to March 31, 2020, and we think this trend will continue through the rest of 2020 and into part of 2021.

Meetings these days are not confined to attendees from a single location or country. Many meetings – corporate or other - attract hundreds of international attendees. Meetings organizers that are looking to increase attendance and scale can do so by offering live translations in multiple languages thus increasing the overall accessibility for all kinds of folks.

One of the challenges of the meetings industry is to bring in global participants but they are limited in having human interpreters be present at these meetings at all times. Hiring human interpreters is a costly process that requires advanced scheduling, and the difficulty is compounded by having a multiple language audience. Human interpreters typically cost $50-$180 per hour, with rates going up for specialized language pairs.

SyncWords Live has solved that problem by offering live translations of online meetings in 100+ languages at a fraction of the cost of hiring human interpreters. Human translators can translate at best only up to two-thirds of the live content through summarization resulting in skipping many parts of a meeting. SyncWords Live can support tens of thousands of live users with low latency of translations. We use human captioning professionals to caption the source content, which is then translated using sophisticated AI technology. Further, live translations are easy to schedule in SyncWords Live, saving meeting organizers the headache of coordinating with multiple human interpreters.

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