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SyncWords Awarded Key Patent for Automated Voice Translations in Live Video Streams for Global Customers 

NEW YORK, April 2, 2024 - SyncWords, the leading provider of live AI captioning, subtitling, and dubbing (aka voice translations) for live streams and events, is thrilled to announce the award of a patent for simultaneous multilingual dubbing of video-audio programs (Patent no. US 11,942,093 B2). SyncWords adds more customers to its newly released Live Subtitling and Dubbing Automation Platform, and steps up collaboration with AWS Elemental.

SyncWords Patented Technology

SyncWords was awarded a patent for simultaneous multilingual dubbing of video-audio programs on March 26,  2024. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the company, protecting its core innovation and groundbreaking technology poised to revolutionize the world of live streaming. With automated live voice translations available in 100 languages, SyncWords redefines the approach to localization of live video content. Supporting over 900 AI voice options, along with various dialects, the engine ensures natural-sounding speech. By automating the translation process and eliminating the need for hardware, this proprietary innovation can use best-of-breed third party AI engines to drastically reduce costs. This patent-protected solution makes it easy to scale live translations to any language, ensuring live programming is accessible to global audiences. 

Ashish Shah, co-founder & CEO of SyncWords notes: “Securing a patent for our state-of-the-art live AI dubbing technology gives SyncWords a distinct first-mover advantage over all players on the market. By introducing this revolutionary solution for live streaming, SyncWords is dedicated to empowering live content producers and streamers with real-time automated voice translations.”

SyncWords’ Real-time Automated Captions, Subtitles, and AI Voice Translations for Live Streams

Integration with AWS Elemental 

SyncWords continues to foster its partnership with Amazon Web Services offering live automated captioning, subtitling, and dubbing for HLS live streaming using AWS Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage. The scalable solution seamlessly integrates  existing live video workflow, so event producers and streaming providers can ensure uptime on their live streams while easily adding captions, and translations in real time. The viewing experience is enhanced by delivering live captions, subtitles and audio translations inside video players, allowing users to preserve key AWS MediaPackage features like DVR, DRM and Harvest. 

Whether an existing AWS customer or exploring the new, more advanced, ways of making live events accessible and inclusive, our combined solution caters to your needs with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Moreover, the entire real-time captioning and translation processes can be automated and managed using SyncWords robust API for live streaming.

SyncWords’ Live AI Captioning, Subtitling & Dubbing Workflow Using AWS Elemental MediaLive & MediaPackage

To learn more about the integrated solution and its functionality, read the AWS  Elemental blog post

Meet SyncWords In-Person

SyncWords invites you to experience our demo at AWS Summit Amsterdam on April 9, 2024. Additionally, we’re excited to announce our presence at the Amazon Web Services booth LVCC W206 at NAB Show 2024 on April 13-17, 2024 in Las Vegas, USA. Pre-book an in-person demo via this link

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About SyncWords

SyncWords is a comprehensive end-to-end solution to cover captioning and translation needs for live and pre-recorded video content. Our patented platform seamlessly delivers automated captions, subtitles, and voice translations (known also as live AI dubbing) for live streams, broadcasts, and live events in over 100 languages. With support for various live streaming protocols and concurrent live programming, SyncWords enables accessibility and inclusivity catering to viewers worldwide. Additionally, through integration with 100+ virtual event and video streaming platforms, SyncWords powers virtual, hybrid, in-person, or simu-live meetings with its captioning, subtitling, and dubbing capabilities, enabling event producers to connect with broader audiences. 

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