SyncWords Teams Up With Video Streaming Platform COACT

SyncWords’ partnerships continue to grow, with India-based video-streaming platform COACT being the latest in a long line of international partnerships. Scaling up partnerships in 2022 has been SyncWords’ key focus. With more and more global event and video platforms opting to partner with SyncWords over the past year, adding captioning value to all forms of video content is now available at the click of a button.

SyncWords Partners With India-based COACT

COACT is a new live streaming platform that offers live and on-demand streaming solutions to clients spread far and wide, including in India, United States, and the UAE. COACT’s core focus has been streamlining and crafting optimal, end-to-end video streaming solutions in the live streaming sector. With in-house capabilities to provide both software and hardware solutions in the live streaming sector, COACT is made up of a team of inspired innovators in the live-streaming space.

For every event streamed on the platform, COACT ensures excellent audio and video support for connecting to Syncwords' live captioning and translation services. COACT’s live-streaming solutions, Video on Demand and Video Platform as a Service, can leverage powerful real-time and on-demand captioning and translation technology in partnership with SyncWords.

COACT Content, Now Powered by SyncWords’ Captions

SyncWords’ custom captioning/subtitling widget seamlessly integrates into the COACT virtual event solution. SyncWords’ live platform provides Auto Live Captioning and different language translations using SyncWords ASR technology. This allows all partners and their customers to boost captioning and translation accuracy using SyncWords’ ASR dictionary and rich translation glossary.

Captioning opens up the world of content, making digital and video content far more accessible to consumers. By adding captions and multilingual subtitles to your videos - an elegant solution that SyncWords makes possible - many aspects of digital outreach click into place.

SyncWords stands out with its human captioning assets that help deliver captions that are 99% accurate. This enhanced accuracy in captions also helps generate  live translations to a host of languages in SyncWords’ translation library. Additionally, to complement COACT’s real-time analytics, SyncWords can provide subtitling analytics to give COACT users a thorough understanding of the usage of closed captioning and real-time translation to over 100+ languages.

About This Partnership

SyncWords’ co-founder, Ashish Shah, noted: "We are confident COACT's customers will benefit from using SyncWords' live captioning and subtitling in 100+ languages. We are looking forward to making the world more accessible and inclusive together."

Wrapping Up

Virtual events and virtual event platforms will continue being in demand, and serving as the chosen caption provider, SyncWords is ready to offer every partner the world’s best captioning solutions and strategies. This partnership will give COACT audiences a chance to not just view broadcast-quality online events but also a way to participate and remember the event through SyncWords’ captions.

Sync with us today to learn more about how we can partner up to bring your content to audiences worldwide.

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