Press Release - SyncWords Live Virtual Event captioning and translation integrate with PheedLoop’s event management platform

A copy of our latest Press Release on about our SyncWords Live integration with Pheedloop's event management platform.

Long Island City, NY, February 9, 2021 - SyncWords, the leader in cloud-based video captioning and subtitling, is now integrated into PheedLoop’s cloud-based end-to-end event management and automation platform.  Now virtual event production companies can schedule and utilize SyncWords’ media localization technology for translating and captioning in over 100 languages.

Localization of live meetings through real-time translation and subtitles is key for inclusion and accessibility of a global audience that join virtual conferences remotely. Delivering live translations for any live streaming session is very simple with SyncWords and PheedLoop.  When setting up a live session, users will have the option to include SyncWords Live captioning and translation.  Once this is set up, all viewers of the live virtual conference session will be able to show or hide the subtitles and switch languages.  The result is an elegant and custom subtitling option that is optimized for user experience which captures the same look and feel of the PheedLoop interface.

"We've seen virtual events flourish over the last several months in unprecedented ways. They've certainly increased the reach an event can have as attendance numbers are 32% higher for virtual events than strictly in-person ones. These new attendees are often coming to virtual events from all around the world, attendees who would have otherwise been unable to attend the event in-person. Our partnership and integration with SyncWords have helped events allow their larger, more global audiences, to attend events powered by PheedLoop. " says Rahul Goel, CEO, PheedLoop.

SyncWords captioning solution is agile and supports both live and pre-recorded videos for conference sessions. In addition, SyncWords can caption events of any size from short one-off events to multiple concurrent sessions over several days. Captioners are available 24/7. SyncWords also provides live technical support and monitoring of live event captioning and translation.

“SyncWords Live solutions make captioning and translation of virtual conferences simple with our PheedLoop integration,” said Giovanni Galvez, SyncWords Vice President of Business Development. “I encourage all event production companies to take advantage of this scalable and affordable translation solution for their upcoming virtual events.” adds Giovanni.

About SyncWords

SyncWords is the leading provider of captioning and subtitling technologies and services for both live virtual events and on-demand media. Established in 2013, SyncWords’ automation and tools are used by thousands of businesses and major broadcast networks to generate closed captions and subtitles. SyncWords’ Live offerings include real time captioning of online meetings and LanguageSync for translating captions to subtitles in 100+ languages for virtual conferences, live web streams, and broadcast. Our on-demand professional captioning platform leverages AI based automation, best-of-breed ASR, and includes our cloud-based Pro Caption Editor and Sync Editor.  Learn more at

About PheedLoop

PheedLoop, a Toronto based event management technology company, specializes in building tools to enable event management through automation. PheedLoop offers an end-to-end platform featuring registration, apps, badges, speaker/exhibitor management, websites, call for abstracts, live streaming, etc. The company’s platform powers meetings, conferences, summits, and trade shows worldwide.

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