SyncWords at Eurovision MDN Workshop

SyncWords VP of Business Development, Giovanni Galvez, was invited to present at the Eurovision MDN Workshop on June 10, 2020 where he talked about and demonstrated our new SyncWords Live solution

Giovanni Galvez, Syncwords VP of Business Development was invited by the European Broadcast Union to discuss new technology that enables real-time machine translation of subtitling for Live News and Sports. This is a solution that can be deployed for online meeting platforms as well as Broadcast and Live OTT streaming workflows. The session description was as follows

AI Machine Translation of Subtitling for Live News and Sports.

AI machine translation of subtitling for live news and sports is a solution that allows broadcasters to localize their live streaming and TV broadcast event to new audiences. Leveraging cloud translate services is a simple way to multiply viewership and reach new audiences locally and internationally.

Being able to scale subtitle translation of live events make localization of live streaming available 24/7 to more than 40 languages. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the pitfalls, challenges, and production-ready use cases that will provide successful and accurate automated translation of live news and sports events.

Live machine translation was demonstrated via SyncWords Live to participants from 20 European countries.  Real-time feedback from native speakers was excellent and the quality of the translation was quite good during the live discussion of the AI Machine Translation segment.

To view the recording of the event please follow the link below:

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