SyncWords Partners with Millennial-Owned Redstone Agency to Deliver Captions and Translations for Multiple Event Formats

SyncWords is proud to join hands with millennial-owned Redstone Agency as its chosen captioning partner for multiple event formats. This partnership promises to deliver world-class captions and translations for events hosted by Redstone in today’s fast-paced market.

SyncWords recently partnered with Redstone Agency, a full-service event management company that is passionate about enabling organizations to achieve business goals through meetings and events. Redstone Agency believes in the power of connecting its clients to empower them to achieve long-term business goals, whatever be their chosen mode of connecting. In their words, “Hosting live, digital and hybrid events is one of the strongest marketing tools that organizations can leverage to thrive in today’s fast-paced and competitive market.”

Redstone Agency is one of Canada’s most innovative and strategic event and association management companies. Comprising of a team of highly-skilled professionals with expertise in many different fields, all providing value to the event and association management industry, their mission is to drive growth in our clients’ organizations and make a positive impact in the communities they serve.  The agency specializes in several event formats and complexities, including in-person, face-to-face events; online, digital format events; hybrid events; multi/omnichannel events; satellite/hub-and-spoke events; and micro-events. 

According to Carly Silberstein, CEO, Redstone Agency, “We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible for our clients, so we’re extremely excited about this partnership between Redstone and SyncWords as it ensures that our events are accessible. We partner with leaders in our industry and are confident that SyncWords will provide the tools necessary for us to execute a flawless, inclusive and elevated event experience for attendees.”

In 2021, SyncWords worked closely with Redstone to execute captioning and translation for many successful events. They provide excellent customer service and planning for virtual events, powered by an experienced team in the Virtual Events space. Their end-to-end execution of virtual events has a solid strategy behind each event to make every event count. And through every event partnership, SyncWords continues to evolve to improve and provide the best captioning services. 

SyncWords specializes in accessibility through captions and translations for hybrid and virtual events. This partnership will help bring the message of Redstone’s events to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals via world-class captions and multilingual translations of captions to 100+ languages. SyncWords’ captioning tools and services do not only better accessibility and inclusivity for multiple audiences. Videos captioned by SyncWords now have text that search engines can index to help increase SEO and thereby increase visibility and page-ranking in search results. 

With automatic translations to over a hundred languages, Redstone’s live and hybrid events can get greater participation from different language speakers. Based in New York, SyncWords works with clients and customers worldwide, in all time zones, to provide both AI and human-powered captions for live and hybrid events.
If you would like a demo from SyncWords on what captioning can do for your events and business goals, Sync with us today.

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