Webinar Archive: Kaltura REACH Offers SyncWords' AI Powered Subtitles

Archive of SyncWords' joint webinar with Kaltura about the new SyncWords machine translation integration with Kaltura REACH.

We wanted to thank everyone that participated in our joint webinar with Kaltura. Attendees were introduced to SyncWords' powerful new machine translation integration with Kaltura REACH. Our panelists talked about how to leverage machine translation to deliver subtitles in multiple languages and covered all the details on how to use Kaltura's UI to quickly generate translated subtitles.

We archived the webinar for those of you who were unable to make it, or just want to see everything again. Our panelists are also available for a quick chat to help answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a time to meet with SyncWords and talk about about our machine translation offerings. You can also talk to Gil Shefler, Kaltura Strategic Partners Manager, or Liat Chin, Product Manager of Kaltura Video AI and Enrichment Services, about accessing the SyncWords integration in Kaltura REACH.

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