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Strengthening Partnerships Through Customizable Solutions, the SyncWords Way. Hopin Case.

When it comes to partnerships, SyncWords leaves no stone unturned. We promise world-class live captioning and live translation and we deliver them every single time. Take a look at what SyncWords can make possible for Hopin’s premium customers.

You will recall that as part of SyncWords’ expansion plans, we recently partnered with Hopin, Europe’s fastest growing startup, the leading shared experiences platform that enables immersive and interactive connection from anywhere. With this partnership, Hopin can seamlessly offer its 100,000+ customers, SyncWords’ media localization technology for world-class captioning and live translation to over 100 languages. Hopin is constantly reimagining how much more interactive it can make location-agnostic communications possible, and we are right there with Hopin on this journey. Have a look at how Hopin makes virtual events possible here.

Hopin managed to get its Series C funding last year.  Being the platform that “catapulted to unicorn status” during the pandemic, Hopin makes it possible for all its clients to host multiple events on various stages or sessions, seamlessly integrating the experiences into one client-centric destination page. Every client has complete control and visibility of their sessions via individual dashboards. SyncWords is proud to announce that our partnership with Hopin continues to deepen, offering a fuller range of services. With the latest rollout of SyncWords’ expanded functionalities, clients of Hopin’s platform, which is expanding at an accelerated rate, can now enable SyncWords’ world-class captioning to overcome inaccuracies in captioning. SyncWords is the world leader in human-based captioning, powered by a live workforce that achieves close to 99% accuracy in captions. 

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent during the last two years, it’s this: the world will want newer congregating and teleworking solutions, global pandemics notwithstanding. When developing our products and services, we keep in mind not only our partners but also their diverse clientele. As a testament to this, our captioning widget on Hopin is sleek and elegant, blending in with the platform interface seamlessly. Hopin’s clients can turn it on for individual sessions or stages at will. Not just this, they can also rely on our global tech professionals that work across markets and time zones, to provide live tech support during each session. Our tech team will help Hopin’s clients integrate and navigate their captioning needs for individual sessions. We even have live event managers to help customers do rehearsals with live translations in Hopin prior to their event date.

The SyncWords integration can also be set up well before the event, with a preview mode that gives users a clear look at what the viewing event page will look like. Only live captions will be missing. But with the translation and resizing features, clients can pre-set their preferences in advance for each event. These can help circumvent last-minute headaches or potential glitches during the live event, leaving every client with a clear sense of what to expect on the day of the event.

SyncWords' captions on Hopin's platform
SyncWords' captions on Hopin's platform

What’s more, if Hopin clients want more view options, they can work with SyncWords integration to enable a different captioning view. SyncWords believes in making captioning simple and accessible to everyone who uses SyncWords for their captioning needs. We take care of it all for you. You simply need to enable the widget for your event. It is compatible with Hopin’s stages, sessions, and expos, wherever the event is hosted in the world. 

To summarize, rely on SyncWords for the following cool captioning features the next time you host an event (or events) on Hopin’s platform:

  1. 24/7 Dedicated Live technical support you can count on
  2. Translations of captions live, to over 100 languages, including French, Spanish, and Portuguese
  3. Customized AI solutions
  4. Captioning widget that is compatible with multiple platforms, browsers, and gadgets
  5. Post-event captioning and translation to provide customers with subtitles to view Hopin’s plans that make SyncWords’ feature available to clients, please, go here. And if you would like to get deeper insights into our technologies and solutions, Sync with us today.

In the words of Giovanni Galvez, SyncWords’ Business Dev VP, “With our new Syncwords Live platform, Hopin users will be able to take advantage of the most modern live translation technologies previously only available to high-end TV networks and streaming companies.”

Make your virtual events or media accessible and multi-lingual
Subtitles for Live Events
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  • Premium support
  • 20 Years experience
  • Human & AI captions
  • Minimum delay delivery
  • Translate to over 100 languages
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