SyncWords Partners with Event Production Company The AV Department

SyncWords is excited to announce its partnership with The AV Department, a full-service audio-visual and media production platform. With this partnership, the AV Department will be able to integrate with SyncWords’ world-class AI technologies and services for captioning, translation, and subtitles for live events and post-event media.

SyncWords is excited to announce its partnership with The AV Department, a full-service audio-visual and media production platform. Based in Portland, Oregon, team AV Department makes a “brand promise” to its clients, with an emphasis on an integrated approach to audio-visual media solutions. They offer end-to-end support for the full gamut of media solutions: live streaming, media production, and event production. With this partnership, the AV Department will integrate with SyncWords’ world-class AI technologies and services for captioning, translation, burn-in subtitles for live events, post-event recording and live translation. 

SyncWords continues to expand on its partnerships with its exciting Partner program. SyncWords is committed to its core mission to make events accessible and inclusive to all audiences. At the forefront of captioning for both online and offline content, SyncWords has always understood the need to partner with platforms that embrace and align with its core mission. With this partnership, the AV Department can make all events accessible and multilingual. With over 20 years of experience in developing cutting-edge products and over 99% accuracy in captioning, SyncWords leads in both human and AI captions. 

SyncWords is geared up to deliver its premium subtitling services with the AV Department, the event production company that invests itself into every event “from the planning process to implementation, offering creative ideas and solutions” to all its customers. Their combined expertise in media content generation, as well as technical event production, will now boast of a value-add via the SyncWords integration. AV Department’s specialties include sound, lighting, projection, video, technical event planning, fundraising events, non-profit events, conferences, hotel AV services, live streaming, virtual events, and all things audio-visual.

SyncWords captioning solutions are best-in-class, that support both live and pre-recorded videos for events and conferences. In addition, SyncWords can caption events of any size, from short one-off events to multiple, concurrent sessions over several days. SyncWords’ live technical support and monitoring team are also available round the clock, ensuring seamless coordination for captioning and translation for all events. The result is an elegant, custom subtitling solution, optimized for user experience, that blends in with the look and feel of all partner site interfaces. 

Streaming experts that they are, the AV Department supports live and virtual platforms. They offer audio and video support to connect every event to SyncWords’ live captioning and translation services. Localization of live events through real-time captions and translation makes all the difference to global audiences joining conferences virtually. Live translation for virtual events is simple with SyncWords and The AV Department, at just the click of a button. When setting up a live event on the AV Department, users will have the option to include SyncWords’ live captioning and translation. Once set up, all viewers and attendees of the session or event will be able to show or hide the subtitles and switch to a language of their choice from the drop-down menu.

Ash Shah, SyncWords’ Chief Strategy Officer, has this to say about this exciting new partnership: “We are excited about this partnership with The AV Department. Together we add value to user experience and offer closed captioning and burn-in subtitles for every live event managed and streamed on various platforms. This partnership between SyncWords and The AV Department will provide a modern experience to users, from Captioning for Live Virtual Events and pre-recorded content, to delivering high-quality, accurate captioning with multilingual translation capabilities.”

Before you go: SyncWords is uniquely positioned in the captioning space to offer tomorrow’s solutions today for all its partners. So, if you want any of the following, Sync with us today!

Make your virtual events or media accessible and multi-lingual
Subtitles for Live Events
Subtitles On-Demand
  • Premium support
  • 20 Years experience
  • Human & AI captions
  • Minimum delay delivery
  • Translate to over 100 languages
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