Why Real-Time Translations during Virtual Conferences Are Essential

Localization of content is imperative for an organization’s success, be it for companies with under a few hundred customers or audiences running into millions. With translated video content, you have the potential to reach millions of native and non-English speakers. Here are some of the benefits of translating events and conferences and key translation features that SyncWords offers.

What Live Translation Can Do for Virtual Conferences

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The pandemic era may have brought the physical event space to an almost standstill. Even so, events and meetings - small and large - will continue to play a large role in communications and business transactions for organizations. Most organizations also use events as a brand-building or brand visibility exercise. This helps widen their reach and bring them in contact with prospects who may not have been “netted” prior to the event, to use some mild marketing jargon. So how is it possible for events to play a key role despite the pandemic?

Yes, the virtual event. Conferences, meetups, seminars, outreach activities will continue, but in virtual form.

The Virtual Event: Branding’s Greatest Tool

But even after the world returns to normalcy, the virtual event/conference is likely here to stay as a staple in the business world. The effect of the virtual event has been two-pronged for corporations. One, reduced logistics costs: event production, travel, accommodation, event infrastructure costs have all come down drastically.

Two, the virtual event has opened up the world in myriad ways as audiences are no longer restricted by travel hurdles. Registration costs for events are much lower now, and audiences from the world as a whole can now log in and participate in real-time. In fact, some conferences are offering free virtual participation, as their costs of event production have reduced drastically. And when it comes to brand-building, we know the more eyeballs, the better because numbers will always matter in the corporate world.

Positive Brand Perception. Genuine Audience Impact.

As they say, in trying times, you have to put on your thinking hat and come up with creative solutions. Social distancing rules have necessitated virtual conferences. Events that are live-streamed have teamed up with caption providers to capture event content during and after events. With the possibility that the content from these sessions can live on indefinitely in archives, organizations have realized that there is another unique opportunity to grab here. And owing to this, enterprise organizations with worldwide audiences have embraced the virtual event for the predictable future.

And now that audiences have increased tenfold, if not more, what can you do if all of the delegates don’t speak the same language?  

Enter: Live translations. Branding 101 is at play here. Not only does brand perception improve with these measures, but it also has a genuine impact on audiences and participants. Virtual event organizers now see the immense potential this brings to embrace accessibility and inclusivity in their event planning.

Accessibility? Check. Inclusivity? Check. Diversity? Check.

By making the event inclusive for global audiences via live translation technology, there is literally no limit to brand reach. Offering translation capabilities for events, whether live or pre-recorded, has a cascading effect on brand awareness.

This will position your company for long-term success in multiple geographies. In time, this will likely prove to be the customer acquisition strategy for brands in the new world, particularly for those looking to expand or with business prospects in parts of the world where your potential customers don’t speak the same language as you do.

And even if you are not looking for a global audience base at the moment, translation of your event and content can still help you net a wider audience. With translated video content, you have the potential to reach millions of native and non-English speakers irrespective of whether you run a domestic business or a worldwide one.

Let us walk you through some of the benefits of translating events and conferences and key translation features that SyncWords offers.

The Benefits of Live Translation in the Virtual World

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Let’s just come right out and proclaim it. In this virtually connected world, localization IS globalization. Localization of content is imperative for the organization’s success, be it for companies with under a few hundred customers or audiences running into millions. The online world has broken down many barriers: language, time, availability, accessibility, just to name a few.

Thanks to webinars and video conferencing platforms, your event’s content can be made friendly to all audiences, thereby widening your reach and appeal. Inclusivity is truly the buzzword of the online world.

Here are some of the potential benefits enabling live translation can have on your event.

  • Translation in multiple languages for global participation: Inclusivity through audience preference and perception will drive your brand to greater awareness and visibility.
  • Nearly limitless audience reach: When you host a virtual event, you do not have the kind of restraints on your invite list as you would for an in-person event. The more, the merrier is in play here for you.
  • Widening the audience net for future events: As word spreads of the success of each of your virtual events, you will be able to attract newer audiences for all future events that you host.
  • An ability to live on beyond event timing, your content has: Couldn’t resist a bit of Yoda there. In-person events offer a host of benefits as a brand-building exercise. Sadly, long-term recall is not one of them. When you host your event virtually, or if it is a hybrid event with a virtual component, your content will live on. This makes it great for both brand recall and new customer acquisition. This content can be repurposed as and when needed.

SyncWords’ Translation Capabilities. For Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

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SyncWords is one of the world’s leading live captioning and translation services that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify captioning solutions for its clients and customers. Its aim is to bring the world closer, one language/word at a time. SyncWords is at the forefront of subtitling and captioning automation for both live and pre-recorded content.

Our global team consists of experts from the broadcast, machine learning, content, and web design fields to create truly unique and innovative products that bridge gaps in all forms of communication.

Here are five key reasons why choosing SyncWords as your caption provider for virtual events can fuel your business to tremendous success.

  • Global, Diverse Human Captioning Taskforce
  • Accuracy and Speed in Captioning
  • An array of languages to choose from for your translation needs
  • AI solutions for scalability
  • Round-the-clock tech support for all events, whenever and wherever the event is hosted

In summary:

SyncWords’ live translation technology is the best in the business and has several advantages over other service providers in the industry. No other interpretative technology provides language support in 100+ languages. Our library of languages is constantly growing, and with a captioning crew that prides itself on speed and accuracy in the source language, machine translation becomes simpler, more accurate, and timely.

Make your virtual events or media accessible and multi-lingual
Subtitles for Live Events
Subtitles On-Demand
  • Premium support
  • 20 Years experience
  • Human & AI captions
  • Minimum delay delivery
  • Translate to over 100 languages
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