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CHECKLIST: Effective Accessibility for Educational Institutions

One of the most important days in every student’s educational journey is commencement. It is a day that is as special to the student as it is to the institution of learning they will graduate from. If you are an educational institution, how accessible is your online stream of the commencement to those joining it? Here’s a handy checklist from SyncWords. 

Commencement no longer needs to be a remote event you cannot attend when you want to congratulate your graduating niece or grandson. In the SyncWords blog, you recently read how you or a family member can fully participate in it via a virtual live stream with the help of live captions and translations. 

SyncWords recognizes the importance of every commencement. Being a highly anticipated day for students and educational institutions, universities, and places of learning, lately, we tend to stream commencements parallelly live and as hybrid (live + virtual) events

Hybrid commencements extend your choices by bringing virtual speakers in to address students while also covering attendees who can’t participate in person, thus expanding your audience reach. With SyncWords’ extended list of languages supported for translation, graduation speeches can now be captured in the language of your choice. Enabling the in-built feature on the platform, captioned audio gets instantly translated into any opted language or languages. 

Presenting the Checklist for Effective Accessibility of Live and Pre-recorded Content 

As your institution prepares for its commencement day, here is a handy checklist to have if you are simultaneously streaming the commencement online for those who cannot attend physically. Turning on the SyncWords widget on your chosen hosting platform is all you need to do to enjoy the plethora of accessibility features available to all our event hosting partner platforms.

1. As a full-service platform for live and pre-recorded content, SyncWords stands head and shoulders above other captioning providers for learning institutions, and the numbers speak for themselves. With a wide range of features built into the SyncWords widget and an advanced Caption editor for pre-recorded video materials, we are the top choice as a caption provider for top learning institutions in the US and Canada. Just to give a little idea, up to now, SyncWords provides captioning and translation services to:

  • 6 out of the top 10 prestigious universities in the USA
  • 5 out of the top 10 largest universities (by enrolment) in Canada
  • 2 out of the top 3 largest universities (by enrolment) in the USA

2. With custom QR-code access, Captions & Translations are delivered to both mobile and big screens. SyncWords has always placed innovation on top of its priorities, given how fast-paced technological advancement is. To ensure the optimally sleek user experience, SyncWords now has enabled the QR feature for all events. Just a simple scan and you follow the event you want to participate in virtually or in person. Also, to create a stronger visual impact, these QR codes can be customized, based on your brand needs. 

3. CART human & AI-powered captioning & translation 

Human/CART captioning is often requested by the government, educational institutions, OTT, and broadcast platforms. SyncWords is the world leader in both human and ASR captioning, with accuracy levels the best in the business. Our AI-powered automatic captions get converted into live translations/subtitles in real time, with minimal latency. 

SyncWords leverages CART human captioners to power its world-standard captioning in the most demanded languages to make all events accessible: virtual, in-person, and hybrid. SyncWords’ platform also translates human captioning into more than 100 languages. On top: for each event, SyncWords provides real-time support and monitoring of CART captioning through its global technician workforce. 

4. Extensive Language Support with over 40 base and 100 target languages. SyncWords' translation technology is the best in the business and has several advantages over other service providers in the industry. No other interpretative technology provides language support in 100+ languages, and the library of languages is constantly growing. With human-generated scripts that pride themselves on speed and accuracy in the source language, machine translation becomes more accurate, timely, and highly scalable. Additionally, to fine-tune translation accuracy, SyncWords' platform features a simple way to add a custom dictionary to English and all other languages. 

5. Accessibility Coverage. Whatever type of content you need to add an extra level of accessibility, SyncWords has it all covered: live or pre-recorded online courses, conferences, lectures, performances, sporting events, graduation ceremonies, or festivals. 

6. Accessibility Delivery: With SyncWords' seamless integration with partner platforms, accessibility is delivered every single time for every event. Whether you use your custom-built platform, Zoom, Webex, or YouTube, SyncWords is platform-agnostic and is as simple as plug-and-play. In its turn, all pre-recorded video content captioned, subtitled, and dubbed with SyncWords VOD editor can be further posted on your website, intranet, or distributed on social networks.  

7. One-stop Cost-effective Solution: All these to say that for every pre-recorded video or event that you host and choose to caption with SyncWords, you can that rest assured the following will be met:

Making Every Event & Caption Count

SyncWords is not just about accessibility. As the world’s chosen captioning service provider, SyncWords sets the standard in captioning and translation capabilities as well as additional features. 

Accuracy is critical for live event production. This is why special care and effort have been taken to allow machine learning and training of vocabulary to improve live results. These accuracy levels are reflected in translated captions in various languages that can also be auto-generated, helping people all around the world follow the event in the language of their choice.

What if you have last-minute registrations that require new languages for translation? It is not a problem with the SyncWords Live event platform. We can add new languages instantly, even at the last minute and day of the event.

SyncWords is at the forefront of innovative technologies in the captioning and subtitling industry, with a forward-thinking approach. SyncWords believes in keeping all its users and customers front and center of its productization. With great technology also comes great responsibility to support live events. Therefore, we stand by our live solution with 24/7 customer support and a dedicated team of technicians available to monitor and assist with every virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. Our team is there to help ahead of the event, during, and post-event when processing on-demand videos.  

Choose SyncWords & It Will Do the Rest

When you choose SyncWords, you sign up for one service, but you are essentially getting a carefully innovated one-stop solution for live and offline captioning and translation. Indeed, for greater comprehension of every message of yours to the world that you are showcasing it to. SyncWords’ solutions are eminently user-friendly, whether the user is an event organizer, AV company, place of learning, or an attendee. 

At SyncWords, we are driven by one core principle: to make comprehending the content world simple, inclusive, and accessible for all. When you think of streaming your school commencement this year, think of SyncWords. Let us get your message out for you.

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