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Caption and Translate Your Commencements with SyncWords

Commencement, the ceremony of graduation, no longer needs to be a remote event that you cannot attend when you want to congratulate your graduating niece or grandson. If there is a commencement of a family member that you were hoping to attend, you can now fully participate via a virtual livestream of the commencement, with the help of live captions and translation by SyncWords no matter what language you prefer.

Commencement Season in the US

It’s the commencement period! Graduation season when families and friends come together to celebrate educational accomplishments for the academic year, is here. It is the time of year for caps, convocation gowns, and sashes, and because we are well into another year of online congregation: captions and translated subtitles for live university events.

That’s right. University commencement, the ceremony of graduation, no longer needs to be a remote event that you cannot attend when you want to congratulate your graduating niece or grandson. If the last two years have come in the way of your travel plans, like it has for millions around the world owing to the pandemic, you could just participate via a virtual livestream of the commencement. With the positive COVID dynamics globally, now, most universities and schools, if not all, tend to organize commencements as hybrid events. In other words, a live, in-person event that is also e-cast via an online platform like Zoom, YouTube, Hopin, Webex, live streaming, etc.. Hybrid commencements extend your choices by bringing in virtual speakers to address students while also covering attendees who can’t participate in person thus expanding your audience reach. 

SyncWords, the Live Captioning and Subtitling Partner for Commencements

SyncWords champions the use of real-time captions for hybrid events for remote participants to fully imbibe the contents of the event. Any platform that is streaming the commencement benefits from SyncWords’ technology for a higher level of accessibility.

If you don’t have captions and translations into your live video, then these are potential audiences that you stand to lose. People who comprehend better through reading will get that added benefit when watching videos. SyncWords captures the speech live, as it happens, through its captions and translations with high accuracy levels

SyncWords’ Live Accuracy and Scalability

Accuracy is critical for live event production, this is why special care and effort has been put forth to allow machine learning and training of vocabulary to improve live results. These accuracy levels are also reflected in translated captions in various languages that can also be auto-generated, helping people all over the world follow the event in the language of their choice. SyncWords’ library of languages for its translation engine already boasts of 100+ languages, and the list is constantly growing.

What if you have last minute registrations that require new languages for translation?  This is not a problem with the Syncwords Live event platform.  We can add new languages instantly even at the last minute and day of the event.

SyncWords’ also offers the latest technologies for ease of access and user-friendliness in hybrid event applications. Now, you can enable these live translated subtitles through QR codes as well for in-person attendees. For a better visual impact, these QR codes are customizable based on your brand needs. So, one scan of the QR code will provide a  list of languages supported for live translation during the event in question right on a mobile phone or tablet.

Caption Commencement with SyncWords
University Commencements with SyncWords: Benefits

SyncWords is at the forefront of innovative technologies in the captioning and subtitling industry, with a forward-thinking approach. SyncWords believes in keeping all of its users and customers front and centre of its productization.  With great technology also comes great responsibility to support live events.   Therefore, we stand by our live solution with 24/7 customer support and having a dedicated team of technicians available to monitor each and every live event.  Our team is there to help ahead of the event, during, and post-event for on-demand videos and analytics that can help production teams understand who and what languages were watched during the commencement.

To wrap up

Like we have already discussed, adding subtitles and captions to your videos is a great way to add multiple layers of accessibility, comprehension, and inclusivity. This is true of all video content, whether they are videos made exclusively for social media, TV shows, educational material, or news reports. 

And now with commencement season upon us, think of the thrill of seeing a loved one’s name in a caption that pops up on your screen even if you are thousands of miles away. 

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