SyncWords Partners with Event Platform Momento Solutions

SyncWords, the world’s leading captioning service, partners with virtual event platform web app Momento Solutions. More and more platforms are discovering the power of enabling captioning and translation for live events using SyncWords’ technologies. SyncWords remains committed to being the chosen captioning service provider to enhance the event-streaming experience and make every event (live, hybrid, or pre-recorded) more accessible and inclusive to people worldwide.

SyncWords Partners with Momento Solutions

Momento Solutions is an event platform web app created to provide both virtual and hybrid solutions for connecting people from all over the world. Using Momento Solutions, users will be able to create virtual events, meetings, and congregations without the need to use any external software. Momento is a virtual and hybrid event platform where users can create a fully personalized digital experience for all their audiences.

Momento Solutions boasts of features like admin panel to control all aspects of the event, customizable design and colors to align with their client’s branding, and tech support. Added to this, Momento Solutions has an auto-translate chat option that can be set to its users’ local language preferences, multiple languages capabilities, and also a dashboard that can help generate various reports of all sessions to better understand event success metrics. 

What’s more, users have the option to request a custom domain, the only link that event attendees will need to join any of the plenaries or sessions. Once inside the event, they can move from one room to another seamlessly. Event agendas can also be converted to attendee local time for ease of use and to help avoid confusion. 

Powering Momento Solutions’ Events with SyncWords’ Captions

SyncWords’ custom captioning/ subtitling widget seamlessly integrates into Momento’s platform. SyncWords’ live platform provides Auto Live Captioning and different language translations using human and live ASR capabilities. To boost captioning and translation accuracy, all partners and their customers can use SyncWords’ ASR dictionary and rich translation glossary.

SyncWords stands out with its human captioning assets that help deliver captions that are 99% accurate. To match Momento Solutions’ multilingual capabilities, SyncWords provides the industry-best level of accuracy in captions, which lends itself beautifully to SyncWords’ library of languages for automatic, real-time translation of captions. 

About this Partnership

Momento Solutions’ CEO, David Jimenez Burgos, is excited to partner with SyncWords to enhance the event experience for all their audiences. In his words: 

“SyncWords has been super easy to implement. It took our team not more than 20 minutes and we were ready to go to have high-quality translated subtitles for our events.”

SyncWords is delighted to be Momento’s chosen captioning partner to add to the event engagement experience for all its users. SyncWords’ Partnerships and Sales Director, Paresh Upadhyay, says: 

“Momento Solutions joining our rich network of trusted and reliable partners is truly exciting. SyncWords is thrilled to complement the sleek functionality of Momento Solutions’ virtual event platform with live captions and subtitles in over 100 languages. Their flexible approach to customization and quick turnaround is incredible”. 

About SyncWords

Since 2000, SyncWords has been the trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events and meetings, providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-Recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in over 100 languages. With integrations on Zoom, WebEx, Hopin, PheedLoop, Socio, Hubilo, and many more platforms, SyncWords is captioning and translating thousands of virtual events and broadcasts worldwide. Further, SyncWords’ caption automation technology powers thousands of hours of captions and subtitles for broadcasters, OTT platforms, and educational institutions worldwide.

About Momento Solutions

Momento Solutions promises a new way of understanding the event industry, keeping personal and social side of it in mind but adding the most state-of-the-art technology in the market. An exclusive experience with all the cutting-edge features you can imagine, Momento is a platform where work and social interactions meet technology in the events space.

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