Analytics: 5 Factors to Consider for Virtual, Hybrid, In-person, or Simu-live Events

Knowing an event’s audience is critical to any event marketing strategy. Insights gleaned from events can help you not only create more engaging and inclusive campaigns for your brand’s audiences but also help your business development goals. In this article, let’s take a look at why analytics matter, what key analytics factors for an event are, and how you can leverage SyncWords’ analytics to better position and plan your events, whether they are virtual, hybrid, in-person, or simu-live.

Why Event Analytics Matter 

Event analytics, be it for virtual, in-person, hybrid, or simu-live events, is a fantastic tool to get an understanding of the success of the event at a granular level: what the audience is engaging with, the time that your audience spends on the platform, where it chooses to watch the event, etc. If you have two events hosted, analytics also gives you a comparative look at both, so you can gain rich insights into what worked and what didn’t.

That is a lot of data, right? A clear understanding of the event’s success at this level is vital in a marketer’s toolbox since it provides insights into how well an event went and gives enough information to plan and adjust future events. Identifying key metrics and how they factor into your event planning is key to a good market strategy. Analytics allows marketers and event managers to understand the events landscape at a strategic level. 

SyncWords analytics for Virtual, Hybrid, In-person, and Semu-live Event
Analytics for Virtual, Hybrid, In-person, and Simu-live Event with SyncWords

Five Key Factors of Event Analytics

Audience Preferences: 

  • One of the most fun insights you can glean from event analytics is a clear understanding of your audience. You can learn a lot about your audiences by their attendance, time spent on the platform during the event, whether their attention was flagged during certain sections, etc. These help a marketer understand if their targeting is on point or needs some work. Since most events are in video format, each platform will define its metrics, but just paying attention to attendance patterns for the event can give you a lot of information on what works and what doesn’t for your audience. 
  • How do you understand attendance patterns? Registration source tracking helps you grasp whether attendees come from organic search, email promotions, ad campaigns, a third-party partner, social media, or a trackback link.

Engagement Patterns: 

  • As mentioned above, what differentiates a successful event from a not-so-successful one is how engaged the audience is during the event. As mentioned above, how long an audience engages with an event can help a marketer craft more events on the insights gleaned from the dashboard. 
  • The key metrics for engagement are: time spent, timestamps to see what aspects of the event were most interesting for your audience, what languages were most accessed – this is a good indication of the cultural/ linguistic makeup of your audience, etc.

Multifactorial Evaluation: 

  • From the IP perspective, you can develop a grounded understanding of the geographies where your event was most successful. It is not all as captions are for accessibility (for the hard-of-hearing) and inclusivity (comprehensibility through chosen languages), the marketers can develop a multifactorial understanding of their audiences. 
  • Given how content is now global and local at once, it is vital for companies that try breaking into newer markets and geographies. It is also the case for those companies that don’t even know they have audience potential beyond their geographic boundaries in this hyper-connected world. 

Market Understanding:

  • SyncWords offers you a language library like no other captioning service provider. Not only SyncWords Live support a wide range of input languages - over 40, but provides capabilities of instant translation to over 100 target languages. One of SyncWords’ most appreciated features in the world of captioning and subtitling is its translation engine which has made the world of content more accessible and inclusive through its ever-increasing translation library of languages. To understand the importance of translation, read this Slator Machine Translation Expert-in-the-Loop Report provides a comprehensive view of the interaction between human experts and AI in translation production.
  • It opens up the world of event content to audiences far beyond a brand’s current audiences. Marketing an event – in-person, virtual, or hybrid – as accessible and inclusive for global audiences, wherever they may be in terms of geographies, helps expand a brand’s audience reach and broadens it to newer audiences/ customers.
  • Real-world barriers like language, borders, and time zones are no longer a hurdle when you have made your event more accessible through captioning. 

User Preferences: 

  • Content is consumed on several platforms and gadgets now. While the smartphone is the ubiquitous choice for content consumption, there are still pockets of usage of tablets, computers, laptops when it comes to gadgets, and different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Bing, and different mobile software like Android and iOS by Apple
  • Most platforms understand the importance of this micro-level analytics to get a more insightful look at user habits. Think HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce

Wrapping up

If you’ve never used analytics before, let me simplify it for you with an analogy that we are all aware of: Google Trends. SyncWords’ Analytics is just like Google Trends, except that they are customized to your particular event and tailored to give you a deep understanding of success metrics so that you have a template for the way forward. 

When choosing a captioning partner for your event, you can see incredible growth in your audiences when the above factors are part of the analytics dashboard, like they are with SyncWords’ Analytics.

For smarter decisions for your events, the five factors above will make a real difference in developing a solid marketing strategy. What would you rather have? Just a global picture of the number of attendees at your event or a carefully crafted dashboard allowing you to understand the event’s success at the micro level?   

Leverage SyncWords’ Analytics to make every event work for you!

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