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Customer Success Is SyncWords’ Mantra

For SyncWords’ team, it is not just about world-class captioning and translation solutions. It is not just about innovating and developing forward-thinking products. It is not just about understanding and anticipating customer needs. It is primarily about helping customers actualize their business goals through SyncWords’ solutions, every single time. Read on to find out what our customers think about SyncWords’ captioning and localization solutions.

SyncWords’ Suite of Captioning Solutions

Making virtual meetings accessible via captions and translations while encouraging worldwide participation, particularly non-English speakers, has been at the essence of SyncWords’ mission. With companies increasingly using virtual and hybrid events for business operations, we observe a growing need for real-time captions and an enhanced demand for translations serving their international employees and global audiences during meetings, webinars and other events.

SyncWords’ core technologies are powered using its proprietary Machine Learning technology and infrastructure. In the words of co-founder Ashish Shah: “Using Artificial Intelligence in combination with our automation and tools has reduced the time to generate captions and subtitles from a few days to just a few minutes. This hybrid approach of ‘automation plus tools’ has helped our customers immensely and increased their output of captions in a significant way. Our automation and AI were built around processes and stringent quality requirements demanded by the broadcast industry, which enabled SyncWords to set itself apart from other providers.

While we develop several core components of AI within SyncWords, we also believe in using best-of-breed machine learning where it’s applicable and produces a useful end product. We have integrated SyncWords with the leading AI providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in certain areas.”

Anticipating Customer Business Needs Ahead of Time

It has broadened the scope of virtual boardroom conversations. Now, participants from all over the world can join meetings in real-time. Given the expectations and complexities of virtual events, it is essential to ensure smooth live streaming, live captioning, and simultaneous translations. 

This is a crucial juncture where Syncwords’ technical support team comes in. They guarantee the sessions run smoothly and without technical issues. Tech support plays a crucial role in the success of captioning at every virtual event - the need that SyncWords recognized well ahead of time. 

Our technical support team has varied and deep experience and is passionate about helping our customers achieve their success with every event. Further, with the responsibility of captioning and translations managed by SyncWords, the event organizers can focus on other aspects of the event, such as the live streaming video, speaker and panel management, and audience interaction.

SyncWords’ technical assistance team also helps with live event coordination and monitoring. They coordinate with the human captioners, ensuring that they are equipped with all details and agenda items for the event beforehand. These could include any special instructions and materials from the event hosts, such as PowerPoint slides and acronyms that can help elevate the accuracy of captioning.

Integrating Caption Accuracy and Live Translations

While AI can generate the scale and cost-effectiveness to generate captions, SyncWords’ unique approach leverages human inputs in critical phases of the project to boost accuracy which is the key factor in driving customer satisfaction. 

For on-demand/ pre-recorded captions, SyncWords’ proprietary AI technology syncs the media very accurately with the transcript producing timed and worded captions.

For Live Captions, SyncWords offers both Human and ASR outputs; however, for Live Translations, we encourage customers to use Human captions to power their events, the accuracy of which is reflected in the fine-tuned live translations to 100+ languages.

Customer Feedback So Far

SyncWords is delighted to share some of our customer feedback. We are thrilled to receive 5-star ratings consistently, and this is not just about our technology. The feedback also is for our support teams that are available to each client and event 24/7. Customer success is the mantra from the get-go for team SyncWords.

Sample this. In response to “What do you like best about SyncWords?”, one of our customers noted: “The kindness of the folks at the company AND the accuracy of their software”.

Jason G, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, of e2k has this to say: 

I have partnered with SyncWords since early 2020 on more than 100 virtual broadcasts and hybrid studio events. They've supported e2k events for National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal, Emerson Collective, the Computer History Museum, and HBO, among others. Without fail, SyncWords have delivered exceptional real human-captioning services, bespoke technical setups that integrate with various e2k studios and virtual platforms, auto-translation into multiple languages, and same-day and overnight support when necessary.

Not only is SyncWords' range of products and solutions exceptional and cutting-edge in our industry, but their service and support model is second to none. They are always by our side until the project is complete. They handily cope with schedule changes and last-minute requests from our clients, and I cannot think of one instance where they didn't go above and beyond to make our events better, smarter, and more accessible. We have been trying to make accessibility a core function of all e2k studio broadcasts, and SyncWords have been integral to our success.

 SyncWords has had the opportunity to caption some of the most high-level events in the world for our prestigious clients. Check more of the feedback we have received until now on Trust Pilot and G2 (Business Software Reviews).

To wrap up

SyncWords is proud to deliver the best of our captioning and translation solutions to every one of our clients. SyncWords is not just a customer-centric organization. SyncWords is also a people-centric organization with core values of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility - the proof we find in the valuable feedback we receive from our customers.

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