Living the Values of Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Diversity through Events and Partnerships

Over the last few months, our partnerships have grown tremendously. Through these partnerships, we have been able to help people connect with things that matter the most to them. Here is a snapshot of some of our recent partnerships and events that align with SyncWords' core values of Inclusivity, Diversity, and Accessibility.

Over the last few months, our partnerships have grown tremendously. Through these partnerships, we have been able to help customers and their audiences connect with things that matter the most to them: virtual conferences, roundtable discussions, online events, brand awareness building events, conversations about literature, getting through – and out – of the pandemic as a workforce, and so many more. Ash Shah, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Syncwords, wrote about Inclusion and Accessibility in organizations in this blog post. He made a point as to how live captioning and multilingual translations are a must for meetings and events to be inclusive of ALL participants. As an offshoot of this targeted approach, SyncWords' partnerships also reflect Ash's message.

SyncWords is proud of its partnerships, and we are thrilled that we get to caption so many significant events and conversations and help them live on in text form on SyncWords Live . Here is a snapshot of some of our recent partnerships and events that align with SyncWords' core values of Inclusivity, Diversity, and Accessibility.

Inclusivity through Partnerships with SyncWords

One of our latest partnerships that we want to talk about is Swaim Strategies. To use their words, they "sit at the intersection of events and activism," with a team comprising of experts and thought leaders from many fields. Event planners, storytellers, fundraising consultants, activists, data experts, and storytellers help with consultation and strategy on hosting successful events in the non-profit space.

Through SyncWords' world-class captioning and translating services for Swaim Strategies' live events, communities working as agents of positive change will experience the power of captioning to reach audiences unbound by geography. Their work sits on the bridge where events intersect with activism. And the power of activism is such that the ripple effects of impactful work in small communities can be felt far and wide and inspire further change at the global level.  

In Ash Shah’s words, "Swaim Strategies have an impressive list of non-profits they work with, and their team is very proactive and motivated."

Accessibility through Partnerships with SyncWords

SyncWords also recently partnered with Now Comms Asia, one of Asia's fastest-growing marketing agencies. With this, SyncWords adds another feather to its cap as part of its partnership ventures and translation services. Now, captions come with local language support in all Asian languages for Now Comms' audiences. Now Comms will be SyncWords' first partner to integrate its Live ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) solutions. Now Comms also fully supports SyncWords' Live 2.0 Platform.

With extended language support, the Asia market can now leverage the full breadth of ASR live solutions for local languages. SyncWords has over 8000+ customers and offers translation capabilities to over 100+ languages, the widest range in the industry. SyncWords' modern tools and customer-friendly services have been appreciated by all its customers, and it prides itself on leveraging captioning technologies in revolutionary ways.

SyncWords also recently sponsored a non-obvious diversity summit, in which we made a case for Accessibility through captioning. You can watch the full interview with summit host Rohit Bhargava and SyncWords' VP Giovanni Galvez here, where they have a freewheeling chat that runs the gamut from captioning to – you guessed it – Accessibility.

Diversity through Partnerships with SyncWords

We captioned two conferences that speak to our commitment to captioning the good work – and the good word – of events that spark change in local and global communities. To share one example at the local level, the Oregon Food Bank hosted its annual Harvest Dinner fundraiser to raise funds in its fight against hunger in Oregonian communities. SyncWords was honored to caption the event and witness the fundraiser's success live, along with our partners.

And speaking of those making an impact at the global level, SyncWords was the captioning partner for the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition 2021 Global Partner Meeting, a virtual event to keep WOCC's mission going strong even if we are in the midst of a pandemic. During this virtual summit, they shared the latest clinical updates and announced the launch of a study in low and middle-income countries.

And how can we have a conversation about Diversity without celebrating women power? SyncWords captioned the 'Women of Influence' virtual event entitled "Building a Multi-Million Dollar Brand: How Vivian Kaye Conquered an Industry." In keeping with their track record of "telling unfiltered stories" for over 25 years of women changemakers, this event celebrated the creation of a hugely successful business that began as a one-woman enterprise.

The Power of Captioning to Spread the Good Word

The world is now back to hosting fireside chats and in-person events. But remember that when hosting an event, hybrid is the way to go. It just opens up the audience potential unimaginably. Hybrid events have more significant potential in terms of audience engagement, whether an intimate social circle event or a company-wide all-hands event. Your audience expands considerably while still taking advantage of the engagement opportunities that a live event provides by providing participants with options to engage with the event online. 

And when hybridizing your event, live captions and multilingual translations help cast that dream net for a worldwide audience.

In-person, virtual, or hybrid: Syncwords captioning tools and services offer other benefits in addition to Accessibility and inclusivity. With Syncwords, videos now have text that search engines can crawl to help increase SEO, allowing organizations to reach a larger audience. If you need assistance providing accessibility services at your next event, Syncwords can help you at your next virtual event, be it a small group or large gathering. 
As changemakers worldwide host events that spark positive changes in communities, SyncWords is proud to be the chosen captioning partner to deliver each partner's message to virtual audiences across the globe. We at SyncWords firmly believe that when we come together to build a better world for all, we will be stronger and more impactful in all our actions. SyncWords stands in solidarity with these agents of positive change, and we promise there are many more to come.

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