SyncWords Partners with London-based Events Technology Company Shocklogic

SyncWords, the world’s leading captioning, subtitling, and translation services provider, is proud to announce its partnership with London-based event management company Shocklogic, a “one-stop shop for membership solutions and events technologies”.

New York-based SyncWords, the  leading captioning, subtitling, and translation services provider, is delighted to announce its partnership with London-based Shocklogic, an award-winning, family-run, value-centered company with a global client base including some of the largest and complex organizations. With this partnership, SyncWords continues to make robust strides towards enabling more and more event management companies to offer captioning services to all their clients.

Shocklogic, a “diverse company with a global perspective” (in its own words) supports event organizers and associations with cutting-edge event management software, services, and technology for face-to-face, hybrid, and virtual experiences. Offering solutions to events of all sizes, be it a one-off or recurring online seminar, single workshop, or parallel sessions, Shocklogic’s webinar platform creates a dynamic, intuitive virtual auditorium experience for attendees, presenters, and moderators. Also, Shocklogic clients who host traditional, in-person events can now supplement them with closed captioning through the SyncWords widget. 

Shocklogic offers a range of innovative, fully interactive 2D and 3D designs for virtual booths, exhibition halls, and hospitality suites. These include a variety of multimedia widgets, click analytics,  and customizable branding features. With SyncWords, the events live-streamed on Shocklogic get automated multi-language subtitling features as a part of the content consumption experience. 

With SyncWords’ ever-evolving technologies that cater to all platforms seeking captioning solutions and real-time translations for live events, this business union brings the best of both worlds – event management and captioning services -- in one single, tidy package. Particularly excelling in simultaneous translation of captions, supporting over 100 languages, our  custom subtitling widget seamlessly integrates any Shocklogic’s original products.

SyncWords will continue partnering with -other forward-thinking events technology providers that also align with the Company’s core values, features, and a customer-centric outlook. With this synergy, SyncWords proves once again it is serious in empowering the world to consume content as it wants, when it wants, where it wants: one caption – several translations, at a time. SyncWords’ co-founder, Ashish Shah, noted: “We are excited about our partnership with Shocklogic. Shocklogic's extensive suite of software and services supports event organizers in every aspect of producing cutting-edge events, whether onsite, virtual, or hybrid. This partnership between SyncWords and Shocklogic will provide a modern experience to users, from Captioning and Live Translations of Virtual Events to producing High-quality and accurate Captioning along with multilingual translations for Pre-recorded content”.

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